18 FDA Senior Officials: No Evidence COVID-19 Booster Shots Work

A group of 18 FDA officials has written a new report that shows their displeasure with the Biden administration’s rollout of COVID-19 booster shots. The report published in The Lancet stated there is no need for a third booster shot because two shots are already sufficient enough.

They then recommended the booster shots be used in parts of the world where there are currently no COVID-19 vaccines available. The FDA officials continued, saying decisions should be made by supporting evidence.

These officials later confirmed that currently, the White House is using no evidence to prove that a third vaccine shot is needed for those who are already fully vaccinated. The White House completely disagrees with the 18 FDA officials and is starting to plan a third booster shot rollout plan in the near future.

It’s obvious that the FDA and White House are having a rift right now; this could come to backfire on the Biden administration which has been using COVID-19 vaccines as political weapons.

Two Senior FDA Officials Already Resigned

Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause have already put their resignations in and are expected to step down in the month of October. The reason behind their resignations is the White House went behind the FDA’s back and started to promote booster shots without getting the okay from the FDA first.

Both Gruber and Krause believe the FDA (not the CDC’s decisions) should be making the call when it comes to approving a booster shot for Americans. The WHO also agrees with the 18 FDA officials and believes that issuing a third vaccine shot could create a vaccine shortage.

President Trump believes that the new Pfizer booster shot is just a big-money operation to put more money into Big Pharma’s pocket. Trump’s right; so far, Pfizer has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars from the vaccine already.

If you add an extra booster shot to the equation, their profits could be in the billions.

The 18 FDA Officials Ignored One Thing

It’s great to hear the FDA is rebuking the Biden administration for hastily approving a third booster jab; however, those 18 FDA officials have been silent concerning the hundreds of young adults who have gotten myocarditis after being vaccinated.

A Division I golfer from Tennessee state recently was forced to get vaccinated in order to still participate in sports. Soon after getting vaccinated, he was diagnosed with myocarditis.

John Stokes is the athlete who was diagnosed with myocarditis; now he’s warning NCAA athletes everywhere about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine. He released a video of himself warning people in a TikTok video.

You can check it out here:

Time will tell whether or not the relationship between the Biden White House and the FDA continues to sour.