3-D Suicide Pods are Now Officially Legal in Switzerland

3-D portable suicide pods are now officially legal in the country of Switzerland.

The suicide pods became legal after Switzerland’s Medical Review Board approved Sarco Suicide Pods. These are portable capsules that are made to be comfortable and assist a person commit suicide.

The idea of assisted suicide is not a new concept in Switzerland, but rather, it’s been legal since 1942.

However, before these new pods were introduced, most Swiss would commit suicide by obtaining a pre-approved pill that puts one in a coma and later kills the suicidal person without any suffering.

Take a look at the pods’ design right here:

More Details on the Bizarre Story

In 2020, a total of 1,300 Switzerland citizens committed assisted suicide; so sadly, a company came along to profit off someone’s decision to take their life. That’s how 3-D suicide pods were invented.

The Sarco pod is short for the word sarcophagus, which means stone coffin. The creator of the pods is Dr. Phillip Nitschke, who has been pushing for countries to accept euthanasia for decades. He even has the sadistic nickname, Dr. Death.

Dr. Nitschke praised the pods for their portable ability that can be toted around to any place a suicidal person would like to see before they die. The pods can also be used as a coffin and are biodegradable.

How Does the Sarco Pod Work Exactly?

The Sarco Pod is operated by the person inside of the capsule who, when ready, will press buttons that then begin the process of assisted suicide.

Once the person in the capsule is ready, an automatic system would start reducing the oxygen levels inside of the pod. This then will result in hypoxia and later death. According to Dr. Nitschke, the death is quick and painless.

To be eligible for assisted suicide in Switzerland, a person must fill out a survey that declares they are ending their life on their own accord and not being manipulated by another person to do so.

Most of the people who opt for assisted suicides are older people with incurable diseases, but the process of euthanasia could lead to a dark society quickly.

The dark roads of assisted suicide seem fine and dandy to Switzerland people now. Yet, what if there comes a time their healthcare system collapses? Then, more than likely, there’s a chance mass euthanasia would take place.

There are many advocates against assisted suicide. Most of them voice the opinion that no one should play God and end their life.

Instead of coming up with cures for incurable diseases, doctors and engineers are coming up with ways for people to kill themselves in scenic environments. What exactly is happening in our dark and twisted world?