Fourth Capitol Police Officer Who Responded to Capitol Riot Commits Suicide

A total of four officers who responded to the Capitol Riot have died from apparent suicides. The fourth officer’s name just released was officer Gunther Hashida; Hashida was an 18 year veteran on the force. He was also part of the Emergency Response Team which was present at the Capitol on January 6th.

A police report concluded that officer Gunther Hashida was found deceased in his home from an apparent suicide. No further details have been reported on his death. Hours after Hashida’s suicide was reported, the Capitol Police Department decided to announce that earlier in July, anther officer who was present at the Capitol on January 6th committed suicide.

According to CNN, Officer Kyle DeFreytag was only 26 years old when he committed suicide on July 10th, but no other details were giving by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The Other Suicides Reported by the Metropolitan Police Department

Officer Jeffery Smith also was found dead inside of his police car from an apparent suicide. Officer Smith was driving in his Mustang when he allegedly shot himself in his head, which caused his car to roll near the George Washington Parkway.

He was on his way to work, but sadly was never able to clock in for his shift. Smith’s suicide is a bit bizarre, considering suicides are rarely committed while driving a moving car. The first suicide that was reported after the Capitol riot was the death of police officer Howard Liebengood who served for over 16 years. Liebengood was found dead inside of his home from a suicide.

With a total of four suicides and the details behind their suicides being kept away from the general public, one can only wonder whether or not these officers knew a little too much and were taken out.

Capitol Officers Were Seen Letting Protestors Inside

The January 6th committee that was assembled by the Democrats did everything except answer the most important question; that question pertains to why the FBI and Capitol police officers were allowing protestors inside of the Capitol.

The mainstream media will continually loop videos of  protesters scaling walls and sitting in Mike Pence’s chair but what they refuse to show is this video:

Did you notice how the police officers just let the protestors just walk inside? It’s almost as if someone was giving them the command to stand down and just allow all of this to happen.

It’s unfortunate that four officers lost their lives, but for Democrats to act like the January 6th riots was worse than Pearl Harbor is stretching the truth. Now, Democrats are trying to report these officers’ suicides as a result of PTSD (from defending the Capitol) just so they can demonize former President Trump a little bit more.