Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for COVID-19

A breaking news report by Reuters has revealed that United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has just tested positive for COVID-19 and is now experiencing mild symptoms.

Austin tested positive, despite being vaccinated twice and even receiving the booster shot.

Austin’s positive test is just another reason why many people have completely lost faith in the vaccine. Despite Austin wearing double masks, a visor, and being jabbed three times, he has still gotten COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccines are clearly not working, even on the Pentagon’s top leaders. However, that isn’t stopping the Department of Defense from still requiring all Armed Forces members to be vaccinated.

More on Lloyd’s Positive Test

Even though he tested positive while being triply vaccinated, Austin had the gall to praise the vaccines for preventing him from getting sicker.

Austin went on record saying his doctor claimed his symptoms would be so much worse if he wasn’t vaccinated and boosted. The was supposed to prevent COVID-19, but now COVID-19 vaccine pushers are changing their tune.

Austin went on to tell everyone in his COVID-19 positive announcement that they should still get the booster shot. Austin has been ridiculed and mocked on social media on multiple occasions for looking like a Star Wars character with his masks and his visor on.

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Lloyd Austin previously issued a vaccine mandate for all US Armed Forces members and if any member of the military refuses to take the vaccine, then they will be discharged.

As of right now, there has been a total of 206 Marines who have already been removed from duty, due to refusing to get vaccinated.

Over a thousand military members filled out a religious exemption form, but as of right now, the Department of Defense has not issued religious exemptions to any members of the military.

Another thousand have filled out medical exemption forms, but are still having their cases decided by officials within the Pentagon.

FDA Just Approved Booster Shots for 12 to 15 Year Olds

Although booster shots have not helped Lloyd Austin or thousands of other Americans, the FDA just announced children ages 12-15 are now safe to receive booster shots.

The FDA simply approved Pfizer’s booster shot for 12-15 years old, which will ultimately lead to children being forced to get triply vaccinated.

Many parents are scared that a third booster shot to children will do more harm than good, considering adolescents who have been vaccinated have a higher chance of getting myocarditis. This is a rare heart inflammation condition that has, in some cases, been lethal.

Pfizer’s past history shows they are a company that is all about money; their drug trials in Nigeria which killed impoverished children are a prime example of that.