Dubai Nail Salon Is Implanting Microchips Under Customers’ Nails

Welcome to the sinister future where people are paying to have microchips implanted in their nails.

A Dubai Nail Salon has gone viral after a video they posted online shows staff members implanting a microchip into a customer’s nail. The Lanour Beauty Lounge located in Dubai is offering “Smart Nails.”

This consists of a regular manicure, followed by an implantation of a microchip that can store information like your name, phone number, email, social media accounts, and websites through using near field communication technology.

The technology behind the microchips involves the use of Near Field Communication. NFC is a pair of wireless technologies that demand a distance of about 4cm or less to establish a connection. So customers who implant a microchip into their nails can just hold their finger out and transfer data from the microchip to other devices like smartphones with ease.

Contactless Payment Methods Increasing Since Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have rolled out various contact-less methods of exchanging data. For instance, Amazon is using a pay by-palm method in some of their stores. So instead of using a card, all customers have to do is wave their hand as if it was a magical wand.

The way it works is that you upload a picture of your palm to Amazon’s data system which then would be connected to your bank account.

It appears in the days ahead, cardless and cashless transactions will thrive all due to their convenience; however, many Christians are skeptical of the new technology, due to a prophecy that is written in the Book of Revelation.

What Does The Bible Say About Microchips?

The Bible never specifically says the word “microchip” but many believe Revelation 13:16-17 refers to microchips.

The verse states the beast  will cause people to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead and will not be able to buy or sell unless they’ve received the mark of the beast. Most Evangelical Christians believe the mark will be a microchip that will be inserted into the body for those who deny Jesus.

Although it’s quite clear that the Dubai Nail shop implanting microchips in nails (and Amazon palm payments) are not the mark of the beast (due to the fact they’re not getting people to deny their faith), it’s still concerning to Christians because these technologies are being normalized to the masses.

Right now, people are being programmed to think these technologies are “convenient.” If you say that the technology could be potentially harmful, you’re labeled a far-right extremist. Expect more microchip technologies to pop up in a post-pandemic world and sadly be accepted by the masses in the name of making life easier.