Active Navy Members Were Forced To Go On ‘Diversity Hike’ With LGBTQ Flags

It appears the far left’s propaganda has infiltrated every walk of life and that even includes the United State’s great military.

Matt Walsh, a writer for the Daily Wire, reported that a woman sent him a photo of her husband (Navy Officer) and other members of his unit participating in a “diversity hike” for Pride Month.

The women also sent Walsh a photo of a flyer that stated the time and the dates of the diversity hike; shockingly the flyer also forced the active Navy members to wear “colorful attire”. There was also a “why” listed on the flyer which stated that the hike’s goal was to support their brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.

In a photo that was taken of all the active-duty members, there was no American flag on site but rather instead just a colorful “pride flag”.

Which Battalion Was It?

According to a Facebook post, the Navy members were part of the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 303. Three weeks earlier the same unit had all their males hold signs that stated “no more” for sexual assault prevention month.

The Military Has Gone Full Woke In The Recent Months

Last week General Mark Milley, in front of a House Armed Services Committee, defended critical race theory; Miller said members of the military should understand what critical race theory is all about.

Rep. Matt Gaetz then grilled Milley and asked the General why soldiers need to learn about “white rage”; Milley responded by saying that the military needs to study the behavior of extremists who took over the White House on January 6th.

In March the Department of Defense policy regarding transgenders in the military was updated. One of the updates in the Department of Defense’s new policy was that all military members who were seeking gender transition surgery would be provided a clear path to be able to transition into their gender of choice.

So effectively, American tax dollars will be spent on active military members who decided to change their genders while they are enlisted.

In June, Nellis Air Force Base hosted a Drag Queen event that aimed to educate members of the military on the importance of Drag performances within the LGBTQ community.

Recruitment Videos Are Even Filled With Liberal Propaganda

In a new marketing effort, the US Army has also started to produce LGBTQ-friendly recruitment videos in an attempt to attract more recruits. A video posted on the Army’s official YouTube Channel shows an animated video of a little girl who had two moms growing up.

The animation goes on to show the little girl and her moms marching at a pride parade; then, the little girl says she has been defending freedom at a young age, due to her participation in marching in Pride parades.

Here’s the video: