Afghan Refugee Arrested for Rape in Montana

An Afghan refugee who came to the United States through Biden’s disastrous evacuation process has just been charged with rape in the state of Montana.

In response, the governor of Montana demanded the Biden administration halt all evacuation relocation efforts until refugees undergo more secure vetting processes.

Fox News reported Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana went on record saying the male arrested for rape was an Afghan evacuee placed by the U.S. Department of State.

The Missoula Police Department added more details and said they arrested Zabihullah Muhmand, 19, at a motel after a 911 call was made by a victim that claimed Muhmand raped her.

According to the victim, she followed Muhmand into his motel room, but wasn’t expecting to be sexually assaulted by him. As police arrived on the scene, they raided Muhmand’s room and found the victim’s bra and socks.

The Direct Result of Biden’s Disastrous Afghan Withdrawal

Weeks before Afghanistan was subdued by the Taliban, Biden declared Afghanistan would not be restored into the Taliban’s power. However, his statement was a complete lie and Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban.

This isn’t the first incident involving Afghan evacuees in the states; in September, one Afghan was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor in the bathroom.

Reports reveal 20-year-old Bahrullah Noori touched two different minors’ genitals forcefully inside of a bathroom. The incident happened at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, which makes the incident even more shameful.

That’s not all, though. There have also been reports that state Afghan men with child brides are at several U.S. bases. In Afghanistan, it’s not uncommon for older men to have child brides.

Due to the Biden’s administration’s lack of a vetting process, older men are still continuing to have child brides, lying to U.S. officials, and calling these child brides their daughters.

Children aren’t the only ones being attacked; a female soldier at Fort Bliss located in New Mexico was also assaulted physically by a group of Afghan men who were mad a woman was in charge of them.

Something is Fishy About This Evacuee Process

The Afghan evacuee who was arrested for rape was arrested in Montana. Of course, Montana is a red state. Therefore, it appears instead of putting the Afghan refuges in blue states, the communist Democrats are placing these evacuees in Republican-led states in a sad attempt to flip these states from red to blue.

It’s not just Afghan refugees being placed in red states. It is also illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. Those who recently crossed the nation’s southern border are being placed in red states. This leads many conservatives to believe the Democrats are looking to change demographics in traditionally Republican, red states.