Alabama Military Base Now Requires COVID-19 Vaccination Proof

Earlier in the month, there were reports that the U.S. Army would mandate the COVID-19 vaccine by September; although, now an Army base in Alabama is proving that mandatory jabs for military members could be even sooner than expected.

The commanding General at Fort Rucker in Alabama will force military members to show proof whether or not they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Fox News General David Francis made this ruling in light of the high COVID-19 cases that surround Fort Rucker and on the base too.

The new rule will mostly affect maskless military members, due to the fact if they’re not wearing a mask, then superior officers can come up to them at any moment and ask whether they have COVID-19 vaccination proof or not. The new rule sounds like it’s for a liberal arts college, not for a United States military base.

As of right now, the military cannot legally force its members to get the vaccine, but that could all change if Biden decided to get involved. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently went on record and stated that everyone in the military needs to get the COVID-19 vaccine. As of right now close to 70% of military members already have the first dose of the vaccine.

The Military Already Had Preliminary Discussions on Whether the Vaccine Should Be Forced

Defense Department leaders all met up at the beginning of July to discuss whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine should be mandated when it gets the FDA’s full approval. According to John Kirby, who’s a spokesperson for the Pentagon, the decision the leaders came up with was that if the FDA did approve it, then the vaccine would be mandated on all branches of the military.

Currently, the highest percentage of vaccinated military members are in the Airforce with 77% and the lowest is in the Marines with 55%.

An Army Base in South Korea Requires Soldiers to Carry Vaccination Cards Too

Although Fort Rucker’s military base may be the first base located in the United States to show vaccination proof, it’s not the first Army base to do so. Fort Casey located in South Korea made a new rule in May that all members of the military who are vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask, but those who aren’t must wear a mask.

The policy enacted at Fort Casey has a catch though; you can’t just be fully vaccinated, but you need to be fully vaccinated and be able to show proof at any giving moment. So now vaccinated soldiers must carry their vaccination cards at all times if they want to walk around the base without a mask.

It appears the test trial is happening on our nation’s military bases before the grand plan is rolled out on the general public.