Alec Baldwin’s Last Words Before Pulling the Trigger: “Is This What You Want?”

A cast member was on the set of the movie Rust when actor Alec Baldwin fired a hot gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

This cast member revealed what Baldwin said moments before he pulled the trigger. According to the Daily Mail, Baldwin was rehearsing a church scene when the shooting occurred. The last words he said were allegedly, ‘Is this what you want?’

The gun Baldwin used was a ‘hot gun.’ This means it was a real gun with bullets in the chamber. Baldwin believed the gun was a cold gun and he didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

However, many believe due to Baldwin’s negligence, he should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. For now, investigators are still collecting evidence of the incident.

Baldwin isn’t some extra in the movie; rather, he’s the star actor and director. Usually, the director is in charge of overall production.

So even though the gun was given to him by another member of the production team, as a veteran actor and director, Baldwin should have doubled check to see if there were any live rounds in the chamber before pointing a gun in the direction of a human being.

More Details on the Shooting

The head armorer was a 24 year-old who was inexperienced and reportedly fearful to take the job in the first place. The head armorer allegedly set three prop guns on a cart.

Unfortunately, director Dave Halls picked up a loaded gun and yelled ‘cold gun.’ This means there are no live rounds inside of the chamber, but Halls was wrong.

Halls went on to hand the gun to Baldwin, who was thinking it was a cold gun. He then proceeded to fire the gun in the direction of Hutchins and director Joel Souza. Hutchins, as you know, lost her life and Souza was sent to the hospital.

Baldwin’s Troubled Past

Baldwin suffered from alcoholism but managed to gain sobriety in 1985. He reportedly hasn’t drank anything since then. However, after his wife was caught lying about her ethnicity (she claimed she was Latino, when she is really white), he was caught buying a bottle of liquor in the Hamptons.

Despite being sober, Baldwin has been known to lash out against paparazzi member. On several occasions, he’s assaulted photographers publicly. His anger has gotten him in trouble quite a few times, and in several altercations, the police were involved.

Baldwin has not just been physically abusive, but on Twitter, he’s been verbally abusive also. Every chance he gets, he tweets out rhetoric that demonizes conservatives and badmouths Trump and his supporters.

Mistakes do happen, but it’s not like it was Baldwin’s first day on the job. More than likely, Baldwin will not be charged unless new details emerge, but he could potentially be liable in a civil suit.