Almost 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People In Massachusetts Test Positive For COVID-19

Almost 4,000 fully vaccinated people in the state of Massachusetts have gotten positive coronavirus tests, per the state Department of Public Health.

The report has many people scratching their heads, considering the mainstream media has been pushing the vaccine as the solution to the pandemic.

Here’s What the Data Shows In Massachusetts

Massachusetts’s state Department of Public Health revealed that 3,791 individuals tested positive for the coronavirus after they were fully vaccinated. Fox News reported that there are currently over 3.7 million completely inoculated individuals in Massachusetts.

Davidson Hamer, an infectious diseases specialist for Boston University, went on record to say breakthroughs are bound to happen; Hamer also claimed we need to learn who’s more at risk to have a breakthrough. 

In total, the United States has had 10,262 breakthrough cases (where a fully vaccinated person tests positive for coronavirus later) according to the CDC. Experts believe there’s also a lot of unreported breakthrough cases which would bring even more skepticism towards the already attested vaccine.

In a questionable decision, however, the CDC decided to stop counting breakthrough cases last month. The recent move by the CDC to stop counting breakthrough cases isn’t a surprise, considering the Biden administration wants to persuade Americans that the vaccine is okay to take. 

VAERS also reported that over 3,800 people have died shortly after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. So with these statistics in mind, many people are refusing to be vaccinated.

G7 Summit Hypocrisy

The COVID-19 vaccine is not 100%, but it appears in the mind of world leaders, it is. If you were able to watch last week’s G7 Summit meeting, you would’ve witnessed the same world leaders who have been telling you to wear a mask and social distance completely do the opposite.

To give them credit, the leaders did wear masks and social distance from each other whenever a camera was in sight.

Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron acted as if the COVID-19 vaccine was 100%; they ignored all the guidelines they’ve put in place and cozied up to each other as if they were in a world where COVID-19 didn’t exist.

The rule of thumb for the Biden administration is to get vaccinated and if you do, you’re free to do whatever you want. Unfortunately, if you aren’t vaccinated, you still have to abide by all the rules that have been set in place by the same people who break the rules. 

Some businesses and hospitals have even fired workers who refused to get the vaccine. This raises concerns, considering the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t 100% effective and it’s still an experimental vaccine according to the FDA.

On top of that, the CDC has even stopped counting how many breakthroughs have occurred, which would give people even more of a reason to refuse the vaccine. Hats off to Massachusetts’s Department of Public Health for not stopping to report breakthroughs just because the CDC decided to stop.