Anti-Joe Biden Cryptocurrency Soars

Empty Shelves Joe;s attempts to pass a giant pork barrel social spending bill have been frustrated so far. (Flickr)

A new cryptocurrency called “Let’s Go Brandon” with the ticker ($FJB) has seen a major increase in the last couple of weeks. The coin has even gotten the attention of Trump’s former advisor and host of War Room, Steve Bannon.

The Let’s Go Brandon cryptocurrency ($FJB), is a coin that helps fight against Biden’s tyranny and, at the same time, is a pro-American coin.

Bannon, on his show, stated the coin would support MAGA’s agenda and help fight for Trump to get back in office. Bannon also touted the $FJB coin gives Americans complete freedom and separates holders from trusting in the elites’ fiat system.

More on The $FJB Coin

The website for the “Let’s Go Brandon ($FJB) coin” aims to create a community of Americans who dislike Biden; the currency will be used to donate toward patriot heroes without being canceled.

Currently, the $FJB coin can be purchased on their official website (there are many scams, so make sure you go to their official website if you plan to buy), XT.COM, and on Pancakeswap by using the coin’s contract address.

The coin saw a major spike after the 46th president on live television repeated the anti-Biden phrase “Let’s go Brandon.”

The newfound, popular coin has also seen surges after conservative voices, such as Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon, have both thrown their support behind it.

Trump Warns Against Cryptocurrency, Calling It Dangerous

Trump, in an interview on Fox News, claimed cryptocurrency is dangerous. The 45th president even stated he simply just like the US dollar.

Many of his supporters were hurt by his answer because they have seen cryptocurrency as a way to achieve financial freedom; they see it as a means to finally be on the same playing field as the elites when it comes to capital.

Trump’s anti-crypto stance is puzzling, though because his wife, Melania Trump, released an NFT project that takes Solana, which is a cryptocurrency. So, either Trump and his wife are completely not on the same page or Trump lowkey holds cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is decentralized; so if the US government decides to wipe out your bank account for whatever reason (the IRS does it all the time), then a person could still survive off of cryptocurrency.

Another great thing about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is for most of the cryptocurrency projects, there is a set amount of supply; that way, there isn’t endless creation of new coins, like there is for the dollar.

At this moment in time, cryptocurrency will continue to get bigger and bigger. Those who are investing in it now will more than likely see their investments hit at the least 2x, 5x, and in some cases, a staggering 10x.