AOC Attacks US Senate as ‘Fundamentally Undemocratic’ Over BBB Failure

Heavily Marxist progressivist Democrats have literally been competing in who can make the most bizarre, scandalous, or just plain crazy allegations or accusations.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) seems to have the edge in oftentimes shocking the American public (or at least those Americans who care about their country) with her weird comments.

Attacking Democracy Over Intra-Party Failure

On Monday, AOC did it again; she didn’t hesitate to attack the very institution of the United States Senate as “fundamentally undemocratic” as well as “entitled.”

People from around the globe would certainly take any such comments as incredible to hear, considering how the Senate has been and invaluable in the inner workings of American democracy.

American democracy, which is unimaginable without the United States Senate (a crucial guarantee of both the overall systems of checks and balances) has been the inspiration for humans all around the world.

Against this backdrop, there is AOC, a NYC progressivist who claims the Senate is intrinsically “undemocratic”.

Ocasio-Cortez attacked the US Senate on Monday in a live TV appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, because Sen. Joe Manchin, the moderate Democrat from West Virginia, refused to vote for “Build Back Better”.

This sounded the death bell for the social spending legislation, since the Democrats need every single one of their 50 senators in the 100-member body.

Is What Progressive Marxists Want All That Matters?

Almost all senior Democrats – barring Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema – have been overly anxious to pass Build Back Better.

That is also why they’re so angry that Manchin has, for all practical purposes, killed Build Back Better.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s logic in attacking the Senate and, respectively, the democratic system of government, seems so flawed.

It fuels the suspicion that today’s American Marxists would like to achieve the destruction of American democracy and replace it with a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship of the Soviet Union or Communist China type.

In her comments on MSNBC, AOC actually declared that, in her view, the way in which the Senate operates “is unconscionable”, not just “fundamentally undemocratic.”

Her attack on the senatorial institution went further as described it as an “old boys’ club”, which happens to have “a couple of gals”, a description smacking of misandry and ageism, apart from its anti-democracy insinuation.

AOC also called for a “crackdown” on the United States Senate, as she insisted the filibuster be ended, and urged Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden to be “more forceful” to use his power as the chief executive to achieve that end.

Ocasio-Cortez insisted  Sleepy Joe stand up and tell Manchin “we” are going to “find others ways” of getting what they want.

This appears to be nothing but shocking and blatant defiance of American democracy, legality, and political morality.