Arizona City Plans to Allow Residents to Vote By Phone

The city of Chandler, Arizona has decided they will conduct a pilot program; this will be a mock city council election, but here’s the twist: voters will only use their phones to cast their votes.

On August 26th, Chandler’s city council voted to approve a $50,000 pilot program; this will test the accuracy and proficiency of how an election could be run by casting ballots just using smartphones.

According to Fox News, the mock election will happen in late November and the city of Chandler has mixed feeling about the program. Many believe that the use of blockchain technology (which the mock election will use) will be more secure than an election run by voting machines.

However, others believe quite the opposite and say voting by phone could result in mass voter fraud. As of right now, it is against the law to vote in an official election by phone. Therefore, if the city of Chandler wants to eventually use only phones to conduct an election, then legislatures will have to make a new law.

Some States Already Allowed Residents to Vote by Phone

The United States doesn’t have federalized election guidelines; therefore, some states are even allowing residents to vote electronically on their phones in certain circumstances.

As of right now, West Virginia, Oregon, Utah, and Colorado have all created a voting app that allows US citizens living abroad (and military members) to vote from the convenience of their phones.

In 2018, it was recorded that over 144 residents of West Virginia voted from their phones. Many experts believe that the United States has a poor turnout for presidential elections and for primaries, due to the fact many people don’t have the time to vote in person.

Others argue that voting shouldn’t be as if you’re taking a poll on the internet. If our troops give their lives and their blood for our country, the least American citizens can do is get out of their houses and exercise their freedom to vote.

CEO of Apple Tim Cook Believes Voting by Phone is the Future

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, believes America’s elections are still in the dark ages; he is also a firm believer that elections allowing citizens to vote by their phones would be an innovative idea.

Earlier in the year, after Georgia passed new voter laws that require residents of Georgia to provide voter I.D., Cook was interviewed by the New York Times. In that interview, he said it would be his dream if U.S. citizens could vote in presidential elections with their iPhones.

The last thing America needs is for big tech giants to usher in electronic voting; that would be the day democracy dies in America. So, when it comes to elections, Apple should just stay far away…along with everybody else in Silicon Valley!