Awkward: Biden Looks Like Zombie as Everyone Dances


During a recent event, President Joe Biden appeared noticeably out of place and disengaged while others around him were animated and enjoying themselves. This scene, captured on video and widely circulated, shows Biden standing still and looking visibly lost as people dance energetically around him. The footage has sparked a wave of criticism and concern over Biden's demeanor and vitality.

The incident took place during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Biden seemed bored and distracted, at times wiping his nose and looking down while key speakers addressed the audience. This appearance was not an isolated incident; Biden has frequently been portrayed as disengaged during public events.

Critics argue that such moments raise questions about Biden's physical and mental fitness. These incidents are often used to depict him as frail and out of touch.

For example, Biden was also spotted looking frail while jogging to the podium at an event in Georgia, further fueling concerns about his health and ability to lead.

Adding to the narrative, during a recent beach outing in Rehoboth Beach, Biden appeared unwell and aged, which The Gateway Pundit described as looking like a "corpse." These repeated portrayals contribute to the growing discourse about his capacity to handle the rigors of the presidency.

Furthermore, during a CNN town hall, Biden stood on stage appearing confused, holding his arms as if there was a podium in front of him when there was none. This odd behavior has only intensified the scrutiny of his public appearances and the perception of his declining faculties.

Despite these concerns, Biden's administration continues to focus on its agenda, addressing various domestic and international issues. However, the recurring narrative of Biden's perceived frailty and disengagement is likely to persist, especially as the 2024 election approaches and the political climate intensifies.

The ongoing discussions about Biden's health and public performance are critical, not just for his political opponents but also for the American public who rely on a stable and capable leadership. Whether these perceptions will impact his chances in the upcoming election remains to be seen, but they undoubtedly contribute to the broader discourse on his presidency.


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