Biden Administration “Flagging” COVID-19 “Misinformation” on Facebook

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki let the cat out of the bag when she officially announced that the Biden Administration has been flagging Facebook posts regarding COVID-19 misinformation.

Psaki made the statement during her latest press conference; she then went on to say that White House staff members are engaging with different social media companies to combat disinformation.

Fox News reported that she also went on record saying that the Surgeon General’s office is tracking down disinformation regarding COVID-19, actively flagging the posts, and reporting them to Facebook.

It’s almost as if the United States government is now leading the role in censoring voices on social media even more.

Psaki’s comments came right after Surgeon General Vivek Murthy stated that social media companies allowing misinformation and disinformation on their sites are the reason why the pandemic has yet to end.

Psaki Believes Social Media Companies Should Work Together to Ban Users Spreading Misinformation

The White House press secretary also suggested that social media platforms should work together to ban users who spread misinformation. Psaki expressed that once a user is banned from one social media platform for spreading misinformation, they should be automatically be banned from others too.

What Psaki suggested sounded as if it was coming straight from the CCP. Many users on Twitter lashed out at Psaki for making such a suggestion; Twitter users then questioned who would be the arbiter of whether or not someone’s post is misinformation or the truth.

Donald Trump Jr. in his speech at CPAC was quoted saying the only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is six months. His statement couldn’t be more true.

Remember…the lab leak theory was considered a far-right conspiracy theory until the Biden administration launched an investigation into the possibility that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Lab then it was regarded as truth.

Facebook has censored plenty of posts regarding the harmful side of effects that were “alt-right conspiracy theories,” but ended up being true. Just some of those examples are Astra Zeneca causing blood clots or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine causing rare neurological disorders, which were both proven to be true.

Biden Says Facebook is Killing People

Around the same time, Psaki was holding her press conference, Biden was also asked a question by a reporter on Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation.

Biden’s answer shocked many people. Biden was quoted saying “Facebook is killing people.” He followed it up by saying the pandemic is still ongoing, due to the fact people aren’t getting vaccinated.

Facebook immediately responded to Biden’s claims; they stated that Biden’s accusations meant nothing due to the reality that he used no facts. A Facebook spokesperson went on to say that Facebook has helped billions of people by supplying information about COVID-19 and where they can get vaccinated.

It appears that the Biden administration isn’t appeased with Facebook’s current job censoring users and wants the company to censor users even more.