Biden Sues Texas Over New Abortion Law

The Biden administration just sued the state of Texas for its new heartbeat law which bans all abortions past six weeks. The Guardian reported Texas’ new law declares once the heartbeat is detected, it’s illegal for women to get an abortion.

However, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland believes the law is unconstitutional and has led the Biden administration to file a lawsuit against Texas.

Kamala Harris has also been very outspoken and stated that women should be able to make choices that concern their own bodies without any government interference.

Around the same time Kamala Harris made this announcement, Biden went on national television and declared the federal government was going to mandate vaccines on all federal workers. Biden also announced that the Department of Labor is forcing all businesses with 100 or more employees to require their workers to have COVID-19 vaccines.

You Can’t Have It Both Ways…

The Biden administration’s hypocrisy, at this point, is almost unfathomable; they believe women should have a choice when it comes to getting an abortion, but they don’t believe women or men should have a choice when it comes to getting vaccinated.

The ‘my body, my choice’ argument flies out of the window when it comes to vaccine mandates. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to uphold Texas’ Heartbeat Law was the first sliver of hope for pro-life activists in about 50 years.

Roe vs. Wade has held a precedent in U.S. courts for over 50 years, but it appears the days the Supreme Court uses Roe vs. Wade as a precedent could be coming to an end. Other states besides Texas have passed Heartbeat laws too, but they were eventually overturned or blocked from being enforced.

Satanists are Also Challenging Texas’ Abortion Law

The Satanic Temple is in the process of putting together a lawsuit that will try to argue their members’ religious rights are being violated because, under Texas’ new law, their members are no longer able to perform abortion rituals.

Many liberals are throwing their support behind the Satanic Temple and supporting child sacrifices without any shame at all. Along with pursuing a civil lawsuit against the state of Texas, the Satanic Temple also sent a letter to the FDA, requesting the administration to provide the Satanic Temple with abortion pills so their members can still perform abortion rituals.

Just days after the state of Texas banned abortions past six weeks, Mexico’s Supreme  Court saw a money-making opportunity; they decided to lure Texas women to get abortions in their country and decriminalize abortions.

A couple of hours after Mexico officially decriminalized abortions, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the country. Many Christians on Twitter believed it was God showing his displeasure with Mexico’s decision.

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