Biden Calls Kamala Harris “President”

Biden has yet again fumbled upon his words in a big way.

During South Carolina’s graduation ceremony, Biden was the keynote speaker, but as usual, he made mistakes on the big stage. During one part of his speech, while addressing graduates, he called Kamala Harris the president.

Yes, Biden didn’t say “vice president,” but rather “president.”

This isn’t the first time Biden made this mistake, though. Earlier in the year, Biden called Kamala Harris the president and he also called Trump president, too.

Watch him make the blunder right here:

Besides making a big mistake, Biden talked about how he supports HBCUs. That happened even though he previously lied about attending Delaware State University (which is an HBCU), when in reality, Biden attended the University of Delaware.

White House Announces Biden Will Run Again

Biden’s Deputy Press Secretary recently announced that he will run for re-election, but by that time, Biden will be around 83 years old.

The White House’s announcement comes just a day after Kamala Harris announced that she and Biden have not talked about re-election yet. So, it’s clear there is some severe confusion within the White House right now.

Harris stated she and Biden are worried about building back better, rather than seeking re-election right now. It appears Harris believes Biden won’t even last until 2024 and maybe she will run for re-election, but as the president.

Harris was previously the president for a few short hours when Biden underwent sedatives while taking a colonoscopy. So, it appears the two are preparing for the big switch in the near future that many have suspected since Biden was inaugurated.

Democrats are in Trouble in 2024

An 83-year-old Biden and Kamala Harris ticket would make a Trump and DeSantis ticket win in a landslide.

As of right now, Democrats know neither Biden nor Harris will have a shot in 2024; this is due to their complete botched Afghanistan withdrawal that even had liberal newspapers like the New York Times call them out for incompetence.

Recently, Hillary Clinton has come back out into the limelight. She’s been visiting liberal news outlets and TV shows on a daily basis. It almost appears as if she is looking to get back into politics.

The Democrat Party is in complete shambles if Clinton, Biden, and Harris are their only candidates. Many lifelong Democrats have disowned their own party and are now becoming conservatives.

General Mike Flynn, during a speech earlier in the year, stated his mother was a registered Democrat, but also a leader for a pro-life organization in his church.

This right here merely goes to show how immorally bankrupt the Democrat Party has become. A registered Democrat today who is pro-life is a rarity.