Biden Declares Federal Workers Are Required to Get Vaccinated or Face Consequences

The old saying ‘if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile’ is coming to pass regarding mandatory vaccinations. Less than a week ago, the Department of Veteran Affairs’ issued a  COVID-19 vaccination mandate for over 100,000 employees; now, Joe Biden is mandating that all federal employees be vaccinated.  

Otherwise, they will be tested daily for COVID-19 and required to social distance and wear a mask while on the job.

According to ABC News, in Biden’s most recent speech, he emphatically announced that people who are refusing to be vaccinated are putting lives in danger and taking up places in hospitals. He also said unvaccinated people are “sowing enormous confusion”.

Earlier in the year, Biden said that he would not enact mandatory vaccinations, but it appears that was just political rhetoric to keep people from pushing back. Now Biden is doing the exact opposite and even bribing people to get vaccinated by offering them $100.

The United States Postal Service will not be required to get vaccinated under Biden’s recent mandate; this comes after the APWU (American Postal Worker Union) declared that they oppose all mandatory vaccinations by the Biden administration. The USPS has over 500,000 employees and the UPWU represents close to 220,000 of them.

States Are Pushing Back Against Biden’s Mandates

Many states are pushing back against Biden’s fresh vaccination mandates for federal workers. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas was very vocal on Biden’s new vaccine mandates; he even signed an executive order which prohibits the federal government and other city agencies from forcing vaccine mandates on residents of Texas.

In the EO he also made it clear that he believes vaccines should be a personal choice, rather than the government making that choice for you. Republican Governor Doug Ducey also spoke out against Biden’s recent mandates; Ducey made it clear that residents of Arizona will not be forced to get vaccinated or wear masks.

The Pentagon is on Board with Biden’s Vaccination Mandates

The Pentagon has announced that they are beginning discussions with doctors and the Joint Chiefs of Staff on when Biden should make vaccinations mandatory for all military members.

Jamal Brown, a Pentagon Press Secretary, declared that the Department of Defense is requiring all military personnel to show proof of vaccination; if they are unable to provide proof of vaccination, then they must wear masks, social distance, and get tested regularly.

It appears the Biden administration’s goal is to force vaccinations by making people’s lives so difficult that they finally crack and get vaccinations. Getting tested every day is not as easy as you think, considering getting a swab up your nose isn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world.

As of right now, there are no major protests from federal employees, so it appears the Biden administration will continue to issue mandates until the people of America finally decided enough is enough.