Biden Denies Sucking The Blood Out Of Children

A statement that Joe Biden made during his town hall appearance was beyond bizarre. During his town hall that was hosted by CNN, Biden denied the point that he “sucks the blood out of children”.

He made the statement in reference to accusations from users on social media which have called out him (and other elite members of society) for drinking the blood of children in order to keep a youthful appearance or extend their life.

Earlier in May, Hillary Clinton also responded to accusations that her and Bill Clinton drink blood from children. She completely denied the accusation, but many believe she raised a suspicion of guilt for even replying to the accusations.

The Adrenochrome Conspiracy Theory

In 1954, in an essay called the “Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, he talks about a drug a called “adrenochrome” which is made from the decomposition of adrenaline. Well, the adrenochrome conspiracy theory believes that wealthy members of society are harvesting the adrenaline glands of missing children to achieve rejuvenation.

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the Passion of the Christs, is a firm believer that people in Hollywood perform satanic rituals that involve children and their blood. At the Health and Freedom conference earlier in the year, Caviezel was promoting his new movie and just so happened to talk about adrenochrome.

Ever since Caviezel spoke out against Hollywood elites, he has been blacked balled by major producers in the movie industry. Here’s the video below, please ignore the liberal bias in the tweets:

Now before you already discount the theory, we must look at our nation’s history. Billionaires in our society have caused lots of moral atrocities throughout the ages.

Just look at John D. Rockefeller, who funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics; this ended up being a central piece to the Nazis’ plan to create a new race and sterilize minority groups in Germany.

The Elites Are Using Blood To Keep A Youthful Appearance

Although the adrenochrome theory doesn’t have concrete proof, it’s well known that billionaires in Silicon Valley are investing millions of dollars into biotech companies that are researching the effects of younger people’s blood being injected into older people.

Silicon Billionaire investor Peter Thiel was quoted saying he’s very much interested in parabiosis (the process of getting blood transfusions from younger people’s blood) to obtain youth.

According to Newsweek, a company from California called Ambrosia would inject people with young people’s blood for $8,000 per liter. The company was shut down by the FDA in 2019, but the founder has since opened a new company called Ivy Plasma.

So after knowing that there are billionaire investors in Silicon Valley who are obsessed with the idea of parabiosis (and there’s a large market of wealthy people in the California area paying $8,000 per liter for young people’s blood), the Mendrenochrome conspiracy theory doesn’t sound too outlandish after all.