Biden Lets Out Explosive Fart in Front of the Duchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, has reportedly stated she heard Joe Biden let out very loud flatulence during last week’s COP26 climate summit. Bowles, who is married to Prince Charles, stated Biden’s fart was very long, loud, and it couldn’t have been ignored.

The incident occurred when Parker and Biden were making small talk during the summit. She wasn’t the only person to hear the fart; both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles reportedly heard Biden pass gas.

The COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which was held in England this year. During the conference, Biden railed Russia and China for missing the event.

Yet, to be honest, Biden should condemn them for their human rights violations, not their climate actions.

A Few Days Earlier, Biden Reportedly Pooped His Pants

During Biden’s meeting with the Pope, within ten minutes, the live stream for the event was cut off. The reason why was never revealed, but journalists in Rome reported it was because Biden reportedly had an “accident”.

No, he didn’t tumble down the stairs like he has done before or even fall asleep, but he reportedly pooped his pants. Hours after the rumors in Rome started taking off, #PoopypantsBiden started to trend on Twitter.

The mainstream media completely ignored the reports on the ground; instead, they glorified Biden for meeting up with the Pope longer than both Obama and Trump. Maybe the mainstream media should report why, and it’s because he apparently pooped himself.

Now, we shouldn’t give Biden too much trouble; loose bowels movements could be an early sign he has dementia or another terrible disease, such as Alzheimer’s.

As someone who has someone close to them affected by these diseases, they’re no laughing matter. The time to get Biden checked out is now; if the claims are true that he pooped himself and ripped loud farts, then maybe it’s time we invoke the 25th Amendment.

Biden Caught Raging at Reporters

In the last couple of months, Biden has also been yelling at reporters and other members of the press. During his latest press conference, when asked a question, Biden absolutely yelled at a reporter at the top of his lungs.

The question the reporter asked was in regards to the $450,000 the Biden administration is allegedly thinking about giving illegal immigrants. Biden, by his own admission, thinks $450,000 is too high.

However, he also does believe immigrants should get paid money for the Trump administration’s “mistakes.” During the Obama years, I never once heard Biden yell like this; the presidency must has gotten to his head, or maybe something else is wrong up there!

Either way, it is high time for Biden to exit stage left.