Biden Meets Up With Pope Francis

Biden took a trip to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis today. This comes despite Biden receiving backlash in the US for his relaxed stance on abortion.

CNN reported Biden met up with the Pope to have a 15 minute photo op, followed by an hour long meeting where the two discussed topics that have not been released to the general public yet.

Previously, Biden stated he doesn’t approve of abortion, but his politics tell another story. Pope Francis, on the other hand, has a very strong message of where the Catholic Church stands on abortion and publicly declared abortion is murder.

Although the Pope stated abortion is murder, earlier in the year, he said it would be morally acceptable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that uses aborted fetal cells.

It appears Biden and the Pope have something in common; they both say one thing, but do the other. Biden who is the second ever Catholic president (the first being JFK) has a picture of the Pope in his Oval Office.

This makes one wonder if there will be a president who puts a picture of Jesus or scriptures on the wall in the Oval Office.

Nancy Pelosi Visited the Pope Two Weeks Earlier

Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi also visited the Pope two weeks earlier. During their meeting, they discussed climate change and COVID-19 measures, but avoided any topic of abortion. Pelosi has also been a staunch advocate for abortion, despite also being a member of the Catholic Church.

Both Pelosi and Biden have been receiving backlash from pro-life Bishops who are advocating for the two to be banned from receiving Communion. As of right now, Biden attends mass every Sunday.

He has yet to receive any rebukes from the Catholic church he attends. This just goes to show how watered down the gospel really is.

Pope Endorsing New World Religious Headquarters

Higher Committee of Human Fraternity is in the process of creating a world religious headquarters called the Abrahamic House. The headquarters will be a compound consisting of a mosque, temple, and church. The headquarters will be located in the city of Abu Dhabi of the UAE.

Pope Francis signed off on the project, along with Muslim and Jewish leaders too. The project should be finished in 2022 and construction has already started.

Once again, instead of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Pope is promoting the woke ideology of co-existing. It’s fine to say love your neighbor no matter what their religious belief are because that a biblical concept.

However, it’s not biblical to merge the gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslim ideology. There is only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ, not through Islam or good works either.