Biden Reportedly Pooped His Pants at the Vatican

Yes, you read that title correctly, and no, this isn’t a satire article. Reports have broken out in Rome that state Joe Biden pooped himself while meeting up with Pope Frances.

Rumors have been floating around Rome that Biden’s unusually long meeting with the Pope wasn’t because the two are the best of friends, but rather, it was as a result of Biden having an “accident.”

According to American journalist Jack Posobiec, the live stream of Biden and the Pope’s meeting was suddenly cut off when the two met, which raised many speculations. However, it was noted by other sources on the ground in Rome that Biden had a “bathroom accident.”

After the news broke out, users on Twitter created memes and even had #PoopypantsBiden trending on Twitter. Other users pointed out Biden had different pants after meeting the Pope than he had on before Biden met him.

This Isn’t the First Time Biden Had Loose Bowels

According to Alex Jones, the host of Info Wars, Secret Service frequently reported Biden soiled himself. Jones’ report on Biden being unable to control bowel movements came two weeks ago, but now, it looks as if his reporting isn’t a “conspiracy” after all.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, it appeared Biden even passed gas during a live interview. Biden apparently ripped one while he was being interviewed by Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania.

After the Alleged Pooping Incident, Biden Looked Lost

After the alleged “accident,” Biden looked very lost. As world leaders gathered together at the G20 Rome summit photo-op, Biden was lined up all the way to the left. Usually, the US president stands in the middle, but Biden isolated himself from everybody and chose to stand off to the side.

At this point, it’s time for Biden to get a cognitive test and get it quickly. Many health professionals, such as Trump’s former doctor, believe Biden has some early signs of dementia.

Dementia is no joke and has devastated families. Dementia starts off slowly, but then ramps up with symptoms such as forgetfulness, the inability to concentrate, the inability to recognize everyday objects, and in the later stages, the inability to eat or have control over bowels.

During President Reagan’s second term, many of his staffers were concerned about his constant memory loss and his inability to speak with a vast vocabulary.

Former CBS White House reporter Lesley Stahl also stated one of her last interviews with Reagan felt as if he was no longer all the way there.

However, Reagan’s White House doctors deny all claims that Reagan had any type of dementia while in office, but in 1994, five years after his presidency, Reagan publicly announced he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.