Biden Shifts Blame to Afghanistan Gov’t In Speech, Won’t Own Up to Mistakes

Biden has finally come out of hiding and addressed the complete chaos that is occurring in Afghanistan. However, instead of owning to his mistakes, Biden pointed out that it was the Afghan government’s fault for the Taliban taking over the country. Just like most of his other speeches, Biden stood wincing his eyes as he read from a teleprompter.

To start out his speech, Biden stated that we were never in Afghanistan to build up the nation, but rather we were in the country to defeat terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. He stated that it was the Afghanistan government’s fault for the Taliban takeover and claimed their troops were not willing to fight for their country.

Many from the left and the right bashed Biden’s speech for never apologizing for his horrible withdrawal plan. This plan left several people dead already and sadly that number will rise. Biden went on to declare that he will send 6,000 extra troops to Afghanistan to assist with evacuations.

So basically, Biden is sending more troops than he even evacuated in order to complete up his complete mess. A U.S. war veteran who spent some time in Afghanistan was invited on MSNBC to share his thoughts on Biden’s speech.

What he said is absolutely true, you can watch him in the video below:

The Biden Administration is Crumbling Before Our Very Eyes

It appears most of Biden’s aides are distancing themselves from Biden to save their future political careers. Kamala Harris has not talked to the cameras at all and sent out a simple tweet that was probably written by an intern.

The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been “out of the office” the last couple of days. So while the Biden administration is on vacation, they’re putting our troops and Afghan allies lives in danger, due to the fact they have no idea what they are doing.

The Pentagon is a complete mess just like the White House and doesn’t even know the exact number of American civilians that are left inside of Afghanistan. The Pentagon press secretary said his best guess was that there was over 5,000 to 10,000 American civilians still stuck in Afghanistan and unable to reach the airport in Kabul.

When he was asked by a reporter whether or not the U.S. military would help those citizens evacuate, the Pentagon official declared that U.S. troops will not venture outside of the airport but will be stationed inside of the Kabul airport. So essentially the Biden administration is just saying “good luck” to American citizens who are trapped within the country.

State Department Speaks Out

The State Department, on the other hand, is calling for the Taliban to form an “inclusive ” government…which is bizarre. So after funding the Afghan government for over 20 years, when the going gets tough, the United States government decides to throw up their hands and kindly ask the Taliban to form a government that plays nice.

Trump was right when he said that the situation in Afghanistan is an embarrassment. It will also more than likely will lead to both Russia and China testing their luck with future takeovers themselves.