Biden Stole His “Build Back Better” Slogan From Bill Clinton

Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” campaign slogan always sounded like a type of catchphrase that would come from a small-town coach trying to rebuild a dying football program, not a U.S. presidential campaign slogan.

The phrase itself sounds familiar as if we heard it before, but it’s hard to pinpoint where. Well, a short dive into the all-so-interesting Clinton archives reveals the phrase actually originated from Bill Clinton.

Clinton used the phrase after a major earthquake hit Haiti; he responded to the earthquake by declaring with the U.S. and the UN’s help, Haiti would be “built back better.” However, Haiti was never built back better.

Rather, the country is worse today than it was in 2010. As of right now, thousands of Haitians are flooding into the U.S. after another earthquake hit their country just weeks after their president was assassinated.

Flashback to Clinton’s Build Back Better Slogan

The main controversy behind Bill Clinton’s “build back better” campaign for Haiti was allegedly billions of dollars of aid were raised by the Clinton Foundation for the people of Haiti; yet, the money never reached the people who were in need.

Bill Clinton also admitted a UN Peace Keeper started a Cholera outbreak that killed close to 10,000 Haitians; meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation was reportedly in charge of the relief effort on the Caribbean Island.

You might be thinking, did Biden even know Bill Clinton used the phrase “build back better?” Well, he should, considering he was vice president at the time of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Jill Biden also visited Haiti with Michelle Obama, so the phrase “build back better” was practically plastered on every project and also widely talked about in UN meetings.

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Biden’s latest $3.5 trillion spending bill under the label of the “build back better” plan or the “reconciliation bill” is not receiving any support from conservatives; some Democrats are not too fond of it either.

According to CBS News, Biden’s 2,465-page bill has both Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema pledging to not vote in favor of the legislation unless the price goes down.

The bill mostly consists of spending on infrastructure to fight climate change; however, it also has some enticing proposals, such as free community college for all families, regardless of their income.

Many Democrats are fighting for this new bill because (just like Bill Clinton in Haiti) they will award the construction contracts to people in their camp. These people will then become richer and in return, give the Democrats a donation when it comes re-election season.

One thing is for sure, though. America should stay away from any bill that says “build back better.” Just take a look at Haiti.