Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Takes 2-Month Paternity Leave, Amid Supply Chain Crisis

Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been out on paternity leave for the last two months. Meanwhile, the United States is facing a serious supply chain crisis. Buttigieg, however, spent the last two months at home with his husband, nursing their two adopted twins.

Buttigieg has been reportedly using his time off learning how to breastfeed his two twins. As of right now, dozens of cargo ships are sitting off the West Coast, waiting to undock their goods.

Yet, due to a large traffic jam (and a lack of truckers to transport goods from the docks), there has been a major supply chain crisis.

On August 17th, Buttigieg officially announced he and his husband were going to be fathers. Then, on September 4th, they officially posted a picture of their new sons on Twitter.

Tucker Carlson Slams Buttigieg

On his show, Tucker explained how the United States, for the first time in generations, is facing a major supply chain issue. This issue is hindering Americans from obtaining basic goods and services.

Due to the crisis, prices of products like meat and eggs have increased by a total of 10%. Also, there’s a total of 5% inflation on all products. Tucker went on to slam the US Secretary of Transportation for learning how to breastfeed, instead of solving the current supply chain crisis.

Buttigieg didn’t take too kindly to Carlson’s words; he responded by saying Tucker is a hypocrite who claims to be “pro-family” when he’s really not. Buttigieg went on to claim Tucker has no idea how paternity works.

A Look Into the Impact of the Supply Chain Crisis

Several schools throughout the country are encouraging parents to pack their children’s lunches; this is due to the fact schools aren’t able to receive shipments of food because of supply chain problems.

Parents from several Long Island School Districts are outraged; their children are being fed skimpy sandwiches with barely any meat on them and served with one fry. Yes, you read that correctly: one fry!

It’s not just the East Coast having problems, either. Schools in Missouri are also experiencing supply chain difficulties. Kansas City schools remain unable to provide students with sufficient meals.

This is because the district’s distributor is unable to obtain any shipments of food, due to the complete disaster the Biden administration manufactured.

It will be interesting to see how the Biden administration attempts to patch this situation up. It’s believed they will activate the National Guard to perform several jobs where there are shortages, due to workers being fired amid vaccine mandates.

In states like Connecticut and Illinois, bus drivers are refusing to get vaccinated and, as a result, the National Guard is getting trained to drive children to school.

I guess that’s what happens when your leaders run away and spend all their time blogging about their maternity leave.