Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Says No-Fly List is Needed

Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, just stated the federal government should start thinking about enacting a “no-fly list” for unruly passengers.

Buttigieg made this comment while being interviewed on CNN, but gave no further details on what exactly an “unruly passenger” entails.

Buttigieg declared this after CNN anchor Dana Bash described a recent incident involving a passenger of a plane severely injuring a flight attendant. Everyone can agree passengers who physically attack flight attendants are horrible and need to have consequences.

The only problem is the left will not only list people who attack attendants on a no-fly list. More than likely, they will list those who don’t comply with mask mandates on the no-fly list, too.

More Details on a No-Fly List

Earlier in the year, Biden stated those who refuse to wear masks on planes must pay. The Department of Homeland Security also already issued a $500-$3,000 fine for anyone who refuses to wear masks on planes.

As of right now, some airlines have already banned several passengers for refusing to wear masks on planes; however, some passengers are still allowed to ride on other airlines.

Essentially, the Biden administration wants airlines to be forced to communicate with one another about the bad behavior of passengers; that way, passengers will be banned from all flights.

We can all agree if a passenger breaks a flight attendant’s jaw or sexually assaults someone on the plane, that person should lose the privilege of flying. However, the problem is the left is trying to place those who don’t wear masks into the same category.

No-fly lists are not a new concept, considering the FBI already has a no-fly list. However, that list only consists of terrorists and potential terrorists.

Buttigieg Finally Comes Back to Work

Pete Buttigieg (who spent the last month on paternity leave after he and his husband adopted twins) has received a lot of backlash lately.

Tucker Carlson, in particular, slammed Buttigieg, stating Biden’s Secretary of Transportation is learning how to breastfeed while America is going through a supply chain crisis.

Carlson wasn’t making up lies, either. Buttigieg uploaded a picture of himself breastfeeding while the inflation rate is going through the roof.

Now that Buttigieg is back, he’s not addressing the supply chain crisis. Instead, he’s looking to implement a federal no-fly list that consists of banning non-mask wearers from flying.

It won’t be long before unvaccinated people won’t be allowed to fly without showing proof of vaccinations. This will cause the costs of flights to increase even more because many people will decide to not fly anymore.

This is the vision Biden, Buttigieg, and the Democrats have for the United States of America. God help us.