Bill Gates Encouraging All Rich Countries to Eat 100% Synthetic Beef

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates stated rich countries such as the United States should switch to 100% synthetic beef, due to the fact livestock carbon footprints are apparently destroying our planet.

Gates stated methane emissions, which come from livestock burping and flatulences, are causing major negative effects to the environment.

Gates is pushing for companies like Impossible and Beyond, which produce synthetic beef made out of plant-based material, to become more popular in the United States. Essentially, the agenda is to get ride of cows for human consumption, due to the fact they create too much methane.

More on Gates Promoting Synthetic Meats

Gates, however, doesn’t believe poorer countries should eat 100% synthetic beef. He didn’t state his reason why, but the most logical reason is because most of their cultures are too dependent on the livestock.

The billionaire founder of Microsoft went on to say synthetic meat has the ability to change people. Yes, he really did say that; however in the transcript of the interview, the phrase (the behavior of) is next to the word ‘change’ even though he didn’t say it.

Gates then sounded off that he dislikes how some politicians are attempting to write bills which would prevent plant-based synthetic meats from using labels such as “beef”.

Do You Know Who Else Produces Methane?

Humans also produce a large amount of methane through burps and flatulences too. It’s also reported through human activity, there have been over 360 million tons of methane released into the atmosphere.

So the questions is: will Bill Gates focus his attention on depopulating the human race? Well, the Gates Foundation already is by supplying third world countries with contraception.

Most of these countries were previously always told having children were a blessing; now leftist-backed organizations like the Gates Foundation are telling them having too many children is the reason their countries are in poverty.

Gates also launched vaccine outreaches to prevent tropical disease, but the majority of Gates’ work in the early days dealt with population control through contraception.

Gates isn’t the first billionaire that is a big fan of contraception and population control. John D. Rockefeller, America’s oil tycoon, spent millions of dollars on sterile projects, which aimed to sterilized woman in jail and disabled people.

The majority of the women who were sterilized were African-American. Rockefeller’s sterilization technology ended up even inspiring Hitler to conduct sterilization on the people of Germany also.

Overall, right now, climate activist are focusing on cutting down livestock consumption, but there could also be a dark day where liberal utopias like California ban beef. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s right out in the open. Everyone should be aware and also remain vigilant.