BLM Calls for Boycott Against White-owned Businesses This Christmas

The Black Lives Matter organization is supposed to stand up against racism; yet, in reality, they are being discriminatory themselves.

BLM has officially started off their “Black Xmas” campaign, which aims to boycott all white-owned businesses. In return, BLM is encouraging its members and supporters to only support black-owned businesses for their Christmas shopping.

The “Black Xmas” campaign, in BLM’s own words, is a way to fight back against “white supremacist capitalism.”

On the campaign’s official site, organizers are calling for no money to be spent at white-owned businesses from November 26th to January 1st.

More Details on BLM’s Discriminatory Campaign

BLM organizers are also calling for their supporters to all withdraw their money from white-owned banks and instead place their money into black-owned banks.

On the campaign’s official website, organizers claim the Black Xmas campaign is standing up against white supremacist capitalism and working to shake off the racist chains of consumerism.

It’s almost as if BLM is aiming to create a segregated society, once again, because they are literally telling their supporters they shouldn’t shop at companies or businesses that have owners who are white.

Many are laughing at large corporations now, considering large companies owned by white people dumped billions of dollars into the BLM organization in the name of fighting for equality.

Yet, now, it appears they are being seen as white supremacists. This goes to show in “woke politics,” everybody is racist, but you’re not called racist or a white supremacist until you either refuse BLM demands or give them what they need and then cease to be useful to them.

Senator Hawley Slams Woke Corporations

GOP Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri slammed woke corporations for their complete silence on BLM’s boycott against all companies and businesses owned by white people.

Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, and more, have white owners; they have also given out massive donations to BLM.

Hawley called the corporations anti-American and stated they treat their workers badly and generally don’t care about American culture at all.

Hawley said this is what corporations that backed BLM deserve; in the long run, in the communist ideology of BLM, these same companies that are owned by white people should be taken away from them.

Many of the leaders of BLM have been under fire for their luxurious lifestyle choices. The co-founder of the BLM movement this year bought a $1.4 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles.

This raised a fair amount of backlash, considering many of the families who BLM claims to be advocating for say they have received no money from the group.

BLM even refused to share how much money they used for helping black families who have lost loved ones who were killed by a police officer.