BREAKING: Kamala Harris Now Acting President While Biden Has Colonoscopy

A breaking report announced by journalist Jack Posobiec on Twitter states Vice President Kamala Harris is now the acting president, as Joe Biden undergoes a colonoscopy.

According to the Hill, the transfer of power will only be for a short time while Biden undergoes anesthesia for a colonoscopy.

The procedure will be done at Walter Redd Medical Hospital as part as a physical. This isn’t the first time a president transferred power while having a colonoscopy.

Bush under went a colonoscopy and transferred power in 2001 and 2007. The transfer of power comes from the 25th Amendment in the Constitution.

The 25th Amendment states in case the president is unable to do their duties at the present moment, due to any kind of issues, then the vice president will temporarily serve as the president.

It’s been rumored Biden would transfer power for months and now, it has finally happened.

More on the Story

Biden, who is about to turn 79, is the oldest president ever to be in office. It’s unclear if Biden will take a cogitive test while he’s receiving his medical examination.

However, many people expect if Biden does take a cognitive test, he will not pass it.

Trump’s former White House physician publicly commented Trump received a high score in his cognitive test. He also believes Biden has avoided a cognitive test, due to the fact he would not pass one.

The last time Biden received a medical examination was in 2019; as Biden is getting up in age, that’s a huge gap of not being checked.

In 2019, Trump also underwent a colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center. Although, Trump refused to receive anesthesia, because he did not want to transfer power to Vice President Pence.

The Riff in the White House

It’s surprising Biden would transfer powers to Harris, due to the fact in the last couple of weeks, it has been speculated the two are bumping heads.

Harris has been quiet whenever Biden needed her most. When the Afghanistan disaster occurred,  Harris was silent.

When she was assigned to the border crisis, Harris refused to do anything about it, besides hold a 15 minute photo shoot in El Paso.

It’s very clear Harris has political aspirations to become president; she knows if she backs Biden’s disastrous decisions, then her chances of ever getting the Democratic ticket for the presidential election will be non-existent.

It’s not only Joe Biden not getting along with Kamala Harris, but First Lady Jill Biden has also had enough of Harris.

White House staffers stated there has been some major tension between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris. Jill Biden previously had a riff with Harris in 2019 for her statements about her husband’s past on the debate stage.