BREAKING: Photo Emerges of Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and The Pope

An exclusive report by The Sun is absolutely earth shattering! A photo released shows both billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein and his right hand woman Ghislaine Maxwell meeting up with Pope John Paul the II.

The picture was taken in 2003, and only Epstein and Maxwell met the Pope privately.

The picture is absolutely draw dropping, considering it just goes to show how high Epstein’s connections went.

The report by the Sun stated Epstein and Maxwell flew to the Vatican by a private jet and were blessed by John Pope the II in a private meeting.

Epstein’s flight logs (which previously revealed Bill Clinton rode on Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express, several times) also documented more news.

Epstein, Maxwell, a model scout, and two passengers with the initials JK and AM were also on the flight to the Vatican on May 20, 2003.

The Story Gets More Bizarre

The model scout who took the trip to the Vatican with Epstein and Maxwell was Jean-Luc Brunel. Brunel, last year, was charged with raping and sexually assaulting minors.

Epstein himself was charged with a state prostitutions charge that would overlook all of his prior sex trafficking charges before 2007. Epstein, at the time, was sentenced to a cozy Florida prison.

Here, he was allowed to spend the day time taking care of his financial business and go out to eat with his friends. He would then have to come and sleep in his cell at night.

Epstein’s deal was known as the sweetheart deal because it was obvious he was let off the hook way too easily. In 2019, Epstein was charged yet again for federal sex trafficking of minor charges.

Yet, Epstein never made it to court because he was found dead in his cell.

Maxwell Now Has Her Day in Court

While the media is raving about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is at the pre-trial stages.

Jurors will be selected by November 29th; one juror has already been dismissed for having connections to Epstein.

The judge overseeing the case was recently nominated by President Biden to be promoted to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

It’s bizarre Biden would pick the time to nominate Judge Alison Nathan to the U.S. Court of Appeals right as she is about to take Maxwell’s case. It’s almost as if Biden is trying to make her go easy on Maxwell.

Besides the Pope, Maxwell and Epstein were also seen together in pictures with minors, alongside both Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

As of right now, Price Andrew is being sued for allegedly assaulting a minor who was “groomed” by Maxwell. Will Maxwell let everything out in the open or will she get a sweetheart deal like Epstein?