California New Law Requires Gender Neutral Toy Aisles

California’s Democrat governor (who just survived a recall election) has just signed a law that require large retailers, such as Walmart, to have gender neutral toy aisles.

The new bill requires retailers to put traditional items that would usually be found in the boys or girls aisles to now be put together in general neutral sections.

The new law will officially begin January 1, 2024; it will force all retailers with 500 or more employees across the state to abide by the new rules. According to the Hill, if retailers refuse to comply with the new law, then they will face up to $250-$500 fines.

The Reason Behind the New Law

According to Democrat lawmakers who wrote the bill, the idea behind gender neutral sections in stores is to prevent any injustices from happening.

The injustice lawmakers are suggesting occurs when toys aren’t separated is supposedly this: by separating products in boys or girls sections, that’s saying those products can only be used by that specific gender.

So essentially, lawmakers want dolls and cars/trucks to be next to each other. That way, little boys can have the proper choice to choose dolls because usually, boys’ parents don’t take them down the girls’ aisle (unless they have sisters) and vice versa for daughters.

The new law is just another attempt to confuse children and program young boys to be feminized. Instead of giving boys the choice to buy GI Joes or toy guns, Democrats want young boys to buy dolls so they can aspire to be make-up artists and LGBTQ social media influencers.

Lawmakers also argue girls’ toys are tailored to turn them into housewives. They stated little girls should have more options than caring for babies and fashion.

Conservatives are Pushing Back Against the Bill

Conservative business owners are pushing back against the bill; they believe the state government shouldn’t dictate how their stores can be arranged. Other conservatives said that the state should stay away from attempting to push woke gender ideology on children.

That wasn’t the only wacky bill Governor Newsom signed into law; recently, he also banned gassed power leaf blowers and lawn mowers. Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1346; this bill bans all gas powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers, due to their environmental impacts.

Landscape owners are disgusted with the new bill. They also said it’s not practical for landscapers to carry away electric powered equipment all day, due to the fact they would have to keep charging them.

They are also very expensive and small business owners wouldn’t be able to make the transition so quickly. So, Newsom can fly a private jet. Yet, he wants landscapers to quit releasing a miniscule amount of emissions into the atmosphere. What a joke!