California Prisons Giving Women Condoms to Prepare Them for Transgender Cellmates

The state of California is offering women prisoners contraception such as condoms and Plan B; this comes after the state decided that men and women can be housed together as long as a man identifies as “transgender”.

The Women’s Liberation Front has reported that Central California Women’s Facility is now offering different contraception resources after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 132; this bill allows prisoners to be housed in the prison that matches the gender identity they claim.

The reality of the new law is basically this: a man can just say he identifies as a woman and then he will be housed with female prisoners. Many female prisoners are now suffering with major fear and anxiety after Newsom passed the bill last September.

Their fear is at an all time high now, due to the fact the state of California is now showing an admission of guilt by offering contraception to women prisoners. The state didn’t offer contraception to women prisoners when the facility was an all-female facility.

Yet, now that males are allowed to be housed at the prison, it shows that the state is expecting women to be raped by transgenders.

Hundreds Of Transgenders Are Flocking To Women Prisons

A recent report by the Los Angeles Times revealed that over 261 transgenders (biological males) have requested to move to women facilities since Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 132. In April, over 20 of those requests have been approved and four inmates have already been moved to a woman’s facility.

Many of the women are saying the state of California is allowing them to be “prey for men”. One female inmate at Central California Women’s Facility (who wishes to remain anonymous) stated that out of the four transgenders at the facility, three of them have tested positive for HIV. 

The same inmate stated that a man can call himself a “woman” all he wants, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still has male genitalia, which would be exposed to other women while they are taking showers.

California’s Sinister Past Regarding Women Prisoners

In the early 1900s, the state of California would sterilize women in prison because they believed that by doing so, the crime rate and poverty rate would fall. California would end up being the reason why the Nazis started their Eugenics program. It’s also very important to note that both were funded by none other than billionaire philanthropist John D. Rockefeller.

California would keep its Eugenics program all the way to the 1970s; the state sterilized close to 20,000 women against their will during the program’s existence. Although their Eugenics program ended in the 1970s, the sterilizations didn’t.

It is reported that between 1997 and 2003, there were over 1,400 coerced sterilizations.