California School Reportedly Bribes Students to Get Vaccinated by Pizza

A California school has just done the unthinkable.

A woman from California claimed her thirteen-year-old son was vaccinated in exchange for pizza. The mother claims the school vaccinated her son without her consent. She is outraged the school would allegedly bribe her son with food.

According to Fox News, Maribel Duarte was very upset after finding out her son got vaccinated at Barack Obama Prep Academy in Los Angeles in exchange for some pizza.

Duarte told the press she did not give her son or the school any consent to get vaccinated.

More Details on the Story

A spokesperson for the Barack Obama Prep Academy stated the school has over 80% of students already vaccinated. The school didn’t, however, comment on whether the allegations against them are true.

Los Angeles Unified Schools have declared all students over 12 years old are now required to get vaccinated by January of 2022. Furthermore, students who refuse to get vaccinated by the aforementioned timeline will face consequences.

These are consequences that have yet to be announced. Yet, one of the rules has already stated that a student who refuses to get vaccinated must only be allowed to learn online.

It’s almost as if schools in California will do literally anything possible to force students to get vaccinated against COVID.

California Isn’t the Only State Bribing Children

New York Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last month all children between the ages of 5-11 who decide to get vaccinated will receive $100.

The $100 will be rewarded to all children who decide to get vaccinated and it will be given to them in a form of a Visa gift card. To make things worse, Mayor de Blasio is sending out vaccination teams to school. These teams are handing out the $100 gift cards to the children in front of each other.

So, if California bribing children with pizza is bad, then New York’s $100 for a jab is a lot worse. All through the pandemic, Democrats have used incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Some states like Illinois have offered families vacations to Six Flags if they are vaccinated, whereas the state of Maine is offering its residents hunting and fishing licenses.

At one point in time, Biden even offered free beers for those who decided to get vaccinated. This is bizarre, considering no one who is getting jabbed with a vaccine thinks, “I’m craving a beer right about now.”

Delaware is not offering incentives to children to get vaccinated; however, they are offering prisoners gifts bags if they get vaccinated. Inside of the gift bags includes snacks, video visit passes, five days off their sentences, and more.

Some judges in Georgia are now even offering offenders lighter sentences if they decide to just get vaccinated.