California Will Pay Victims of Forced Sterilization During the Eugenics Movement

The state of California recently announced that they will pay $25,000 reparation fees to victims of the horrible eugenics movement that ran rampant in the state.

In the early 1900s all the way to the 1970s, the state of California forced sterilization upon females who were deemed as mentally ill or had physical disabilities.

It’s estimated that over 20,000 residents of California were sterilized during California’s Eugenics movement.

According to a report by CBS, the most recent sterilizations occurred in 2013; during this time, the state of California sterilized over 144 women in prison through coercing methods.

The Sinister Past of California’s Eugenics Movement

During the early 1900s, California was facing issues with crime, poverty, and overpopulation in cities; therefore, politicians came up with the horrible idea to start sterilizing women whom they suspected would birth non-productive citizens into society.

The goal of the eugenics movement was to genetically improve the human race so less money would be spent on welfare programs. That sounds very familiar, right?

Adolf Hitler was also a big fan of the Eugenics movement and even admired California’s eugenics program. His idea of children having blond hair and blue eyes was never an idea of his own, but rather it was born in America.

The Rockefellers helped fund both America’s and Germany’s eugenics programs. It’s even on record that the Rockefeller Foundation help funded Josef Mengele eugenics projects before he went to Auschwitz.

Josef Mengele later became known as the angel of death for his satanic scientific experiments on Jewish people in concentration camps.

Planned Parent Hood Was Found By A Racist Eugenics Advocate

The founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger; she was a devout racist who supported eugenics to exterminate the black race in America.

Sanger is quoted saying that she didn’t want the word to get out about her agenda to exterminate people of color; therefore, Sanger urged to persuade racial minorities, ministers and doctors that eugenics is nothing to be afraid about.

When Roe v. Wade first passed, it was put on record that black people were less likely to get an abortion than white people, but now that has changed tremendously.

The CDC recently reported that black women are five times more likely to get an abortion than white woman. In the city of New York, more black babies are killed each year than born.

Rapper Kanye West called out Planned Parenthood in 2020 and said that they were put on this earth to do the devil’s work. He also stated that Planned Parenthood strategically places their clinics in black neighborhoods so they commit genocide against African Americans.

Democrats have been the biggest supporters of funding the infamous abortion clinic Planned Parenthood for years. According to the CDC 1,000, African American babies are aborted every day.

It appears those who have been screaming Black Lives Matter don’t really care about black lives, due to the fact they are the biggest supporters of killing innocent black babies.

Now that you’ve read a little bit about this history of eugenics, you can probably figure out abortions were never about women rights, but rather a sinister plan by politicians to depopulate cities in order to keep their welfare programs afloat.