CDC Study: 74% of Massachusetts People Infected With COVID Were Fully Vaccinated

We were told to just “trust the science,” but what are we supposed to do when trusting the science is only 26% effective? A new study that came straight from the CDC reveals that 74% of those infected by a recent COVID outbreak in the state of Massachusetts were fully vaccinated.

The study also revealed that unvaccinated people have the same probability of carrying the coronavirus in their nose as those who are unvaccinated. So it appears that labeling unvaccinated people as “super spreaders” (as the far-left media has done for months) is not scientifically backed by data, but rather backed by ignorance.

The CDC stated that the new data made them change their decision on their previous recommendation that vaccinated individuals didn’t have to wear a mask. Now, the CDC has updated their recommendation and declared that vaccinated people must wear masks indoors.

The CDC’s flip-flopping has many people thinking that a lockdown will be coming shortly.

Breakthrough Cases Occurring Outside of Massachusetts Too

According to the CDC, a “breakthrough case” is described as a fully vaccinated person testing positive for COVID-19. According to data collected by NBC News, there have been over 125,000 cases of recorded breakthrough cases. The data collected in NBC News’ report also declared that over 1,000 people died as a result of a breakthrough case.

It’s sad to think that over 1,000 people died, due to the fact the mainstream media refused to report that despite being vaccinated, there’s still a good chance that you can be infected by COVID-19. The number of cases could be much higher, considering the data of breakthrough cases was just collected from 38 states.

The CDC’s most recent data collected shows that 6,587 individuals have been hospitalized after being fully vaccinated.

Israel Prime Minister Declared Pfizer Vaccine Significantly Ineffective Against Delta Variant

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel announced that the Pfizer vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant. His announcement came after an outbreak of 1,000 people occurred in Israel. A study by Hebrew University showed that 60% of people hospitalized due to a COVID-19 infection were fully vaccinated.

The country has now announced they will start a campaign that will advocate for a third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine to prevent any further outbreak. 

Israel’s not the only country that is seeing breakthrough cases; the U.K. has also seen a decline in the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Delta variant. The U.K. has reported that 40% of hospitalized individuals who caught the Delta variant are fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands has reported that 14% of their current COVID cases are amongst fully vaccinated individuals. It appears that telling citizens to not ask questions and just simply trust the science has cost thousands of lives.