CEO of Tesla Elon Musk Slams Socialist Bernie Sanders

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk slammed Senator Bernie Sanders in his most recent tweet. It all started when Sanders sent out a tweet, declaring America’s rich need to pay their share of taxes.

Musk replied to the tweet saying, “I always forget that you’re still alive.”

Musk didn’t stop there, though; he went on to tweet, “Bernie takes and doesn’t make.” Then, he followed up that tweet by saying, “Bernie, do you want me to sell more Tesla stock?”

Musk is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $281 billion. The founder of Amazon is the second richest person with a little over $200 billion.

Musk’s Twitter Poll to Sell Stock

According to CNBC, Musk sold close to $6.9 billion in Tesla stock. That came after he posted a Twitter poll, asking if should sell Tesla stock and pay taxes or not sell any stock.

The results declared he should sell the stock and pay capital gains taxes, to which he did. Musk gets beat up a lot for not paying taxes, but the reality is most of his money is all in Tesla stock.

The founder of Tesla previously sold all of his homes to avoid real estate taxes, too. Musk has been very vocal about Democrats’ spending problem.

Musk stated him paying billions of dollars in taxes each year would never be able to cover the current $2.7 trillion federal budget Democrats laud as a way to build back better.

Musk also commented on the current inflation. He stated inflation itself is the single worse tax Americans pay each year, due to lawmakers’ aggressive spending habits.

Musk Exposes UN’s Alleged Sexual Abuse Towards Children

A recent article by CNN falsly claimed if Elon Musk was to donate $6 billion to the UN’s Food Program, then world hunger would no longer exist.

Well, somebody tagged Musk in that tweet; he stated, “if someone can show me how $6 billion dollars can solve world hunger, I’ll sell all my stock now and give it to the UN Food program.”

The WFP (World Food Program’s) director responded to the tweet, saying a donation to the UN would indeed put a dent into world hunger.

However, Musk wasn’t having any of it. He tweeted back a link to an Express article which stated UN officials were sexually abusing children in exchange for food.

According to a leaked UN report, peace keeping UN soldiers, who were part of the UNICEF’s children sector, allegedly raped young boys orally and anally.

The soldiers would coerce the boys to perform sexual acts on them in exchange for food. The UN initially covered up the story.

However, thanks to whistleblower Anders Kompass, the darkness was brought into the light. Yet, the soldiers who allegedly committed the crimes were never charged.