Chicago Female Police Officer Returning From Maternity Leave Shot and Killed

Some very unfortunate news is being reported out of Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Police Department has confirmed that 29 year old female police officer Ella French was killed in the line of duty while conducting a traffic stop.

According to CBS News, Officer Ella French was shot in the head and later pronounced dead from her injuries after she conducted a traffic stop in West Englewood. French’s partner was also shot and taken to the hospital where he is currently fighting for his life.

Ella French joined the Chicago police force in 2018 and just recently returned to work after being on maternity leave for several months. After having her baby turn two months old, she resumed her duties as a police officer, but tragically lost her life protecting the city of Chicago.

Details on the Suspects of the Shooting

There were three suspects involved in the shooting and currently all three of them are in custody. The shooting occurred after Officer Ella French and her partner pulled over a car that with three people inside.

Both French and her partner walked out of their squad car and to the car, only to be shot at by a person in the back seat. Both officers returned fire on the shooter, resulting in the person being critically injured. Sadly, the shooter fired a shot into Ella’s head during the exchange and also connected with her partner.

The shooter was transported to the hospital and the other male passenger was arrested on the scene. A woman who was believed to be the driver of the vehicle was arrested hours after the shooting took place.

Police and Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot Respond to the Tragedy

Hundreds of Chicago police officers paid their respect towards Officer French by lining up the streets while bag pipe players played in honor of her.

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot automatically blamed the shooting on guns instead of the obvious fact that under her leadership, Chicago has turned into a crime infested city that is worse than third world countries.

Under Lori Lightfoot’s leadership, Chicago has cut over 400 police officers from the department in an aim to defund the police. The defund police movement at this point is no longer just liberal jargon. Sadly, it’s happening in U.S. cities all over the country and many officers’ lives are in danger each night, due to the cutbacks.

Despite Chicago cutting over 400 officers in 2020, they still managed to pay close to $17 million dollars from 2015 to 2020 for private security for city officials, such as Lori Lightfoot. So, it’s obvious she even feels scared in her own city.

Chicago ended 2020 with a total of 769 homicides and so far this year, there have been 445 homicides. Instead of blaming the killings on guns (which are obtained illegally in most cases), the city of Chicago should stop playing woke politics and clean up the streets so no more officers or innocent bystanders are killed by gunfire.