China’s Communist State Media Declares “U.S. Won’t Help Taiwan” During War

China has smelt blood in the water and now they are starting to make moves after seeing the United States is a complete wreck under the Biden administration. The Chinese military boldly conducted live fire exercises near the coast of Taiwan on Thursday; this comes just a couple days after Biden’s withdrawal plan from Afghanistan was completely botched.

According to Reuters, the Chinese military reportedly started the exercises after the U.S. and Taiwan forces allegedly provoked the Chinese military in the Taiwan Strait. They also decided to start the drills on the coast of Taiwan to show their disapproval of the United States signing a $750 million dollar arms deal that handed over Taiwan 40 155mm M109A6 Howitzer Systems.

It was noted that the CCP is frustrated with U.S. Navy ships transporting goods across the Taiwan Strait.

China’s communist state media, in response to the military drills, declared that if the People’s Liberation Army decided to attack Taiwan, then the U.S. would not even dare to start a war with China. The communist state media continued and stated that if the U.S. has the same determination about Taiwan that they had about Afghanistan, then China could take over Taiwan in a matter of hours.

Taiwan’s Premier fired back at the comments made by the Global Times and stated that Taiwan would never fold up like Afghanistan and if any foreign country wants to take over their land, then they are delusional.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Says the U.S. is Committed to Its Allies

Jake Sullivan, in response to China’s state run media, stated that the U.S. will still stand besides their allies; his statement, at this point, is almost laughable, considering most of the U.S. Afghan Allies are in hiding or desperately trying to reach the airport after the Biden administration completely lied to them about a potential collapse of the Afghan government.

Americans Have Never Questioned Their Military Capabilities; Now Things Have Changed

The world is now realizing even if you have the strongest and most technological advanced military in the world, it doesn’t mean anything if the commander in chief of that Army is completely delusional.

If China was to attack Taiwan tonight ,would the current Biden administration even be able to step up to the plate and protect their allies, or would they simply look the other way? Many believe the Biden administration would do the latter and just say it’s Trump’s fault because that’s what this administration does best: point fingers instead of finding solutions.

It appears the days the United States military was feared are fading away. This is not because of our brave men and women who put on the uniform everyday and sacrifice their lives, but because of the “woke” ideology that has infiltrated almost every aspect of our nation.