Chuck Schumer Ridiculously Compares Capitol Storming to Pearl Harbor

"Senator Chuck Schumer at Third Way" by Third Way is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Chuck Schumer joined the ranks of the liberal media when he ridiculously claimed what happened on January the 6th is somehow worse than the BLM and ANTIFA rioting we have seen in 2020.

He said the following in congress: 

“President Franklin Roosevelt set a day aside that will live in infamy,” Schumer said. “Unfortunately, we can now add January 6, 2021, to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.”


Unfortunately for Chuck, patriots and conservative Americans are unconvinced by his message. Families, small business owners, and everyday Americans had to endure months of horrifying violence from the radical left without any message of peace or unity from the prominent left.

The hypocrisy from the leftist media is also shining brightly with headlines such as the following:

Pro-Trump Mob Storm the Capitol – BBC. Antifa thugs and BLM arsonists were never called a mob but praised and pandered too.

An unchained Trump threatens more mayhem in his final dangerous days – CNN. No surprise here. Blatantly ignoring Trump’s call for peace, the media have latched onto this opportunity to smear what has been a fantastic presidency.

Kid-glove treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strongarm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say – Washington Post. Did the Washington Post not see police taking the knee alongside BLM rioters? Did they already forget that four Trump supporters were killed on Wednesday?

Chuck Schumer added to his speech:

“These images were projected for the world. Foreign embassies cabled their home capitals to report the harrowing scenes at the very heart of our democracy. This will be a stain on our country not so easily washed away – the final, terrible, indelible legacy of the 45th president of the United States, undoubtedly our worst.”

Did the embassies forget that 6 months ago over thirty Americans were killed in the most violent rioting in recent history? Capitol politicians and even the Biden campaign even funded the unrest.

Has the country forgotten when in 2011 liberal protesters stormed the Wisconsin Capitol, occupying it for weeks, sleeping overnight, and yelling whos house, our house! The media celebrated it and politicians encouraged enacting “our democracy”.

Liberal hypocrisy has become obnoxious.