Climate Lockdowns Could Come Soon After DHHS Declares Climate Change Public Health Issue

Climate lockdowns could be on the horizon after the Department of Health and Human Services officially declares climate change as a public health crisis. According to a fresh report from the Wall Street Journal, the DHHS will launch a new office that will help identify health risks due to the climate.

The new office will be called the Climate Change and Health Equity; it will also report directly to the Biden administration. The office was formed because earlier in the year, Biden signed several executive orders which aimed to get the federal government more involved when it comes to climate change.

Many are skeptical of the new office and believe it will be used by the Democrats to issue lockdowns in the name of climate change. Just as Democrat governors and lawmakers told Americans to stay inside to stop COVID spread, in the near future, those same Democrats will be telling the public to stay inside to stop the spread of carbon emissions.

What Would A Climate Lockdown Consist Of?

According to a UN official by the name of Mariana Mazzucato, a climate lockdown would consist of governments banning traveling, meat consumption, tracking electric usage, and barring fossil fuels.

It would essentially give the government ultimate control over your life and if you disagree with it, then you would be seen as someone who is “selfish”. Some scientists are currently salivating over the fact that when the majority of the world issued lockdowns in 2020, the world saw 7% less carbon in the atmosphere.

NASA put out a study that stated Nitrogen Oxide in the global atmosphere decreased by 15% too. They even produced this propaganda video:

Did you notice how they put in overly emotional background music to act as if we will all die within the next 15 due to climate change?

If You Disagree With Fixing Climate Change, Then You are Racist

Many environmental activists are now using the term “environmental racism.” They say this is a form of systematic racism in which neighborhoods of people of color are living in harmful environmental conditions that don’t occur in Caucasian neighborhoods.

One example that the World Economic Forum uses to prove environmental racism is the city of Flint, Michigan. The predominantly African-American community of Flint, Michigan has, for many years, had dangerous levels of lead in their tap water.

The only problem is that the lead in the water of Flint, Michigan isn’t because of environmental racism, but due to the fact the city has a Democrat mayor and a Democrat governor; both of these Democrats are too busy worrying about re-election campaigns, instead of getting the city of Flint clean drinking water.

Children’s television network Nickelodeon has even been pushing the idea of environmental racism. So be warned: in the future, you will be deemed as racist if you disagree with climate change activists’ authoritarian rules.