CNN, Sesame Street Team Up to Tell Children to Get Vaccinated

Elmo, Big Bird Rosita, and CNN host Dr. Sanjay Gupta went on live television and encouraged children from the ages 5-11 to get vaccinated.

The opening scene started off with the muppet Rosita noticeably showing off her bandage, to which Elmo replied, “do you have a boo-boo?” Rosita then replied, “no, I got a COVID-19 vaccine; my mommy and pappy took me to get one.”

Rosita went on to say by getting vaccinated, she is keeping her family, friends, and community healthy. So, what the muppet was basically saying is by getting vaccinated, she is being a great loving neighbor…and if she refuses to get vaccinated, then she is a selfish, unloving neighbor.

Watch the clip here:

More on the Segment

At the end of the segment, Dr. Gupta pitched children to get vaccinated and said all children over the age of five are eligible to get vaccinated. CNN then had a separate interview where Big Bird talked to Gupta about vaccine fears.

Big Bird asked the question, “I’m afraid of big needles, will the vaccine hurt me?” Both Gupta and his co-host on CNN then spent time giving Big Bird tips on how to lessen the pains of needles.

Did you notice how Big Bird asked Gupta a softball question? He didn’t say, “will I get myocarditis” or “what are the side effects of the vaccine,” but instead, he asked the most generic question possible.

Gupta was Previously Blasted by Joe Rogan

Gupta might be able to take easy questions from Big Bird, but he wasn’t able to take questions from Joe Rogan. Early in October, Gupta went on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he answered questions regarding CNN’s fake reports about Rogan using horse de-wormer when, in reality, Rogan was taking ivermectin.

Rogan pushed Dr. Gupta and asked why he didn’t say anything about these false reports since Gupta is a doctor and knows ivermectin is prescribed for humans. Gupta just timidly replied CNN shouldn’t have made those claims and gave an awkward laugh.

Joe Rogan is being called out by CNN again. This time, it’s for giving advice to Aaron Rodgers. NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers recently told the world he was unvaccinated after being diagnosed with COVID.

When Rodgers made an appearance on the Pat McAffee show, he stated he sought advice from his good friend Joe Rogan, who had COVID too.

Rodgers went on to say he was taking ivermectin and some vitamins to battle his symptoms with COVID. As soon as CNN found out, they quickly put out headlines claiming Rodgers ‘fell from grace’ and was using his ‘privilege’ to avoid being vaccinated.

Overall, it appears CNN not only wants to produce propaganda for adults, but now they are partnering with Sesame Street to produce propaganda for children too.