Conspiracy CONFIRMED? William Cooper Was Right

Before Alex Jones there was Bill Cooper, the king of American conspiracy theorists and an outspoken and charismatic man.

Some called him crazy, others called him a genius.

But evidence is showing that many of Cooper’s predictions have come true in extreme detail and others are unfolding almost exactly as he said they would.

What was Cooper right about? Let me count the ways.

Cooper’s Correct Predictions

Cooper died in 2001 at age 51 in Eager, Arizona, but before his death many predictions he made turned out to come true.

Chief among them was 9/11, which Cooper said would happen and would be blamed on Osama bin Laden but actually be much more complicated and involve aspects of the US government and foreign governments.

Cooper predicted 9/11 in June of 2001, saying a “major attack” was coming and that it would destroy the twin towers in New York and lead to war abroad in at least three countries.

He was proven correct on all of these predictions, and was also right about many other things including the presence of UFOs and growing public awareness about them.

Cooper himself said he witnessed UFOs during his time aboard a warship in the US Navy in the mid-1960s. Cooper always described himself as a “UFO guy” and said his belief in ETs was rock-solid.

However he did differentiate himself from other conspiracy theorists who believed the moon landing was faked and flat earth, making it clear that he absolutely believed the moon landing was real, for example.

Right About Even More

Cooper also predicted school shootings, an over-medicated nation and the machinations of the Deep State.

As he said, America is led by “blithering idiots” at the administrative level and has other string pullers with dark agendas.

It’s getting harder and harder to think he’s wrong about that as we see the Biden-Harris regime wreak havoc on this nation’s economy and future.

Bill Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse has been a big influence on the alternative community and it deserves its reputation. Even for the many who may not share Cooper’s strong religious views, investigating what is happening in this country from an End Times perspective can be worthwhile indeed.

It’s clear there’s a globalist plan to destroy America, and it’s clear that trying to deny it won’t make it go away.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to take some conspiracy theorists like Cooper seriously. He may not have been right about everything, but he was on the mark about various crucial issues and this is why some of his warnings shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.

We don’t have to believe everything or take everything at face value from Cooper or from the US government or mainstream media.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.