Crowds in London Chant “Arrest Bill Gates”

Bill Gates recently visited the United Kingdom, but was not welcomed by Britons by any means. As Gates was leaving a meeting with United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a massive crowd was awaiting him to exit the building where the meeting was held. The crowd then started to chant “arrest Bill Gates.”

The scene was a bit chaotic, due to the fact protestors outnumbered the police officers who were guarding Gates. Many of the protestors were advocating for Gates to leave the United Kingdom.

That’s because they believe he was coercing Boris Johnson to implement stronger lockdown measures. At one point, in a recorded video by one of the protestors, Gates has a real sense of fear on his face.

What Did Gates and Johnson Talk About?

Gates and Johnson were meeting together to announce their $552 million deal to bring green technologies to the United Kingdom. Gates’ climate investment firm will invest close to $276 million into green technologies in the U.K so the country can meet their target of net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Gates is not only working with the U.K to combat “climate change,” but also proposed $1.5 billion to the United States’ government to fight climate change. Just as Gates advocated for COVID lockdowns, many people believe he’s directing his attention to climate change.

Here, he will be able to advocate for climate lockdowns and eventually depopulation efforts. You notice how the U.K wanted net-zero emissions? Well, climate extremists’ manifestos truly believe in order to have net-zero emissions, consumers need to stop eating red meat and the world needs less people.

Why is Gates Hated So Much?

Gates has previously funded shady projects that drew a lot of criticism over the last couple years. One of his most controversial projects has been his vaccination efforts in third world nations. His goal is reportedly to vaccinate impoverished people because scientifically, it shows vaccinated people are less likely to reproduce.

At one point in time, he also funded a project which is conducting research to launch sunlight-reflecting particles into the atmosphere. This would come as a way to dim the sun, which would result in climate change reversing.

Critics believe it would cause an all out ice age and many people would die from the event.

Another shady project Gates helped fund was a project by MIT. This project aimed to put vaccine registry information inside of a person’s skin by inserting invisible dye into that person’s skin.

Many Christians believe this technology is not the Mark of the Beast, but will be the technology which leads to the Mark of the Beast…and the way to a potential world where all of our data is stored beneath our skin.