Cuban Anti-Communist Protestors are Waving the American Flag During Protest

Thousands of anti-communist protestors are taking to the streets in Cuba; they’re letting their frustrations be known about their country’s crippling economy which, in recent years, spiraled out of control.

Protestors were also chanting ‘down with the dictatorship’ and some protestors were even waving the American flag as they marched down the street.

As some Americans deem the American flag as a hate symbol, it appears citizens in Cuba have more knowledge of what the American flag represents than Democratic-socialists in the United States.

Cuba’s mass protests are just another example of how communist and socialist governments are bound to fail.

ESPN analyst Will Cain posted on Twitter a picture of a protestor with the American flag while marching in the street:

Cuba’s Government Responds To The Protest

The President of Cuba and the leader of the Communist Party (Miguel Díaz-Canel) stated that the protest was being led by American mercenaries looking to destabilize the Cuban government.

He then ordered his followers to go out into the street and fight. In complete denial, the Cuban authorities even shut down the internet; this is due to the fact they believe American social media outlets were behind the uprising instead of the Communist Party’s poor leadership being the cause.

Democrat Socialist Lawmakers in the U.S. Oddly Silent Right Now

Ever since 1959 when Fidel Castro led a communist revolution in Cuba, the country has kept intact a communist/socialist political system.

While most Cubans who are living in American will tell you the horrors of Castro’s communist regime takeover, Sen. Bernie Sanders in the late 80s praised Castri for educating kids, giving their citizens healthcare, and completely changing Cuba for the better.

Well, now those kids grew up and now they are saying down with communism/socialism in Cuba.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also been silent when it comes to speaking out on the pure disaster that is occurring in Cuba.

The New York Times is in hot water too after they stated that the protestor’s calls for “freedom” were actually calls for anti-government. This sent social media into a storm and many users ripped the far-left news outlet for equating the word freedom to anti-government.

Americans Told The Flag Is Racist, While Cubans See It as Symbol Of Freedom

A BLM Chapter in Utah recently declared that people who fly the American flag are racist. Lex Scott, a leader of the BLM chapter in Utah, said the American flag is being used by hate groups all across the country, therefore it’s a symbol of hate.

All throughout the 2020 presidential election, Democrat cities’ buildings were burned to the ground along with American flags and Bibles.

Maybe instead of learning from liberal professors that praise communism, the youth in America should learn from survivors of communism instead.

Their first lesson would be to start by looking at the young patriots in Cuba waving the American flag.