Arizona Democrat State Senator Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Young Boy

A 35-year-old Arizona Democrat state senator has just been arrested for allegedly molesting a young boy and attempting to sexually abuse another. According to ABC News, Senator Tony Navarrete sexually abused a 12-year-old boy who he lived with for a period of time.

Detectives who are investigating the case stated that Tony Navarrete touched the little boy’s genitals with his hands and mouth. The boy who was allegedly sexually abused by Navarrete said he now suffers from extreme anxiety after being abused.

Navarrete also was accused of touching the little boy’s younger brother too. The younger brother of the teen told police Navarrete put his hand up his shorts and touched his upper leg.

Navarrete Apologizes For His Sickening Actions in a Phone Call

In an attempt to get an admission of guilt from Navarrete, the police recorded a phone call of him and the victim. In the phone call, Navarrete apologized for sexually abusing the child and stated that he regretted his actions.

In the phone call, the boy also asked Navarrete why he decided to molest him, to which Navarrete replied he wasn’t “well”. After Navarrete’s arrest, a Maricopa County Judge placed the disgraced state senator on a $50,000 bond.

The charges that are being brought against him include child molestation and sexual abuse of a minor. He is therefore facing up to 49 years in prison.

As of right now, he has yet to resign from his position as a state senator. Both Republican and Democrat Party leaders of Arizona both recommend that Navaratte resign immediately.

Details Behind Sen. Tony Navarette

Senator Tony Navarette was considered a rising star in the Democrat political arena of Arizona. Navarette, who is openly gay, also served as a voice for the LGBTQ community in Arizona. He represented the West Phoenix district of Arizona, which happens to be in Marcopa County.

During the 2020 presidential election, Navarrete was also a big Joe Biden supporter and didn’t have any nice things to say about President Trump at all. He bashed Trump and Pence for being supposedly hateful men; yet, he then praised Biden and Harris as American heroes. In one tweet, he even posted a picture of him and Kamala Harris together.

Take a look:

The disgraced state senator was also very outspoken about the Maricopa County Audit that was being overseen by Republican lawmakers in Arizona. In several tweets, Navarrette declared the audit as fraudulent and called people who believedย  there was election fraud in Maricopa County conspiracy theorists.

His last tweet on social media before his arrest read that he was infected with COVID, despite being fully vaccinated. He then went on to say that all residents of Arizona must start wearing masks again.