Democrats Are Attempting To Ban 3D Printed Guns

A group of Democrat senators and representatives have just reintroduced the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act. The 3D Printed Gun Act is legislation that would eliminate all blueprints and online instructions that help contribute in the making of a 3D printed gun.

The Bill was introduced by Democrat Sens. Edward J. Markey and Robert Menendez, and Rep. Ted Deutch. According to Markey’s official press release there’s an urgent need to get rid of 3D Printed guns; this is due to the fact they are undetectable under metal detectors and also don’t contain serial numbers that would make the gun traceable.

Sen. Menedez went on record saying anyone with  3D printer has the license to kill. Sen. Menedez’s fear mongering rhetoric show he fully doesn’t understand that it’s much more expensive to print out a 3D gun then it is to just buy one.

He also seems to not comprehend that a typical criminal isn’t going to waste time studying on how to print out a 3D gun; a criminal will just buy the gun from the black market instead.

The Act was also co-sponsored by over 70 other Democrat lawmakers.

The Technology Behind 3D Printers

3D printers essentially work as regular printers, except 3D printers are able to print out three dimensional objects.

Most of the time they use a  gear to push plastic material through a hot end; this melts the plastic material and then a nozzle lays down the material into the design that was crafted by the user.

Here an example on how a 3D printer works:

The Democrats are Violating Americans’ Free Speech

In the 3D Printed Gun Act, the lawmakers are seeking to ban educational material and blue prints on how to make 3D guns.

Currently there are several online tutorials and publications which show step by step how to create a gun by using a 3D printer. If the Democrats have their way, then these publications would then be censored and taken off the web. 

The website DEFCAD has been under fire from Attorney General’s from several states for selling files for 3D printer gun blueprints. In 2018, the site was sued by over 20 states and temporarily went down.

Biden’s Plan To Replace Americans’ Firearms With Smart Guns

According to Biden’s 2020 campaign website, he plans to replace 100% of Americans’ guns with smart guns.

Smart guns are guns that have either biometrical, mechanical, or magnetic features that only allow the authorized owner of the gun to shoot it.

Many fear this is just an attempt by Biden to to be able to turn off guns whenever it’s convenient for the U.S. government. Biden’s smart gun plan will more than likely fall through because a majority of American’s aren’t big fans of smart guns.