DNA Test From Cigarette Butt Claims Democratic Rep. Ilhan Ohmar Married Her Brother

This will probably be the most bizarre news story you read this week. Democrat Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Ohmar allegedly married her own brother. DNA taken from one of her cigarette butts is a 99% sibling match to her second husband Ahmed Elmi.

The Daily Mail reported that the DNA from her second husband Ahmed Elmi was taken from his straw that was left at a restaurant.

The DNA was taken by a conservative group and they allegedly were able to scoop up a cigarette butt from Rep. Ilhan Omar. They even snagged a picture of Ilhan smoking which shocked the public because they never knew her to be a smoker.

The test results were released online by Anton Lazzaro, a GOP strategist; then, 12 hours later after posting the DNA results, he was arrested for child sex trafficking. The timing of Lazzaro’s arrest has definitely raised some eyebrows.

This Isn’t The First Time Ihan Has Been Accused of Marrying Her Brother

Rep. Ilhan Ohmar who immigrated from Somalia, has been accused of marrying her brother way before these DNA tests were ever conducted.

In 2002, she first got married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi and the couple had two children; she then got a divorce from Ahmed Hirsi and married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who is allegedly her brother.

Now, here is where things get weird; after Omar was accused of misusing campaign funds in 2019, an investigation revealed that she filed jointly with her ex husband Hirsi, instead of her current husband at the time Elmi.

She then had her third child with ex husband Hirsi while still legally married to Elmi (her alleged brother) too.

Factcheckers such as Snopes (which usually always has a liberal bias) even declared they couldn’t deny that Omar ever married her brother, but they also stated they couldn’t prove it either.

To this day, Ilhan Ohmar has not answered why she filed taxes to with her ex-husband, instead of her current husband Ahmed Nu Said Elmi.

More Details Which Lead People To Believe She Married Her Brother

In a deleted Instagram post, Ahmed Nu Said Elmi allegedly posted a picture of Ilhan Ohmar’s third baby and wrote the caption “nieces” underneath the photo. The Instagram post led many people to start thinking that the two were siblings.

Another piece of evidence was that at one point, Omar, Hirsi, and Elmi were all living at the same address in Minnesota.

All Ilhan Ohmar has to do is address the question with facts, but so far, she has ignored the question completely; when people ask her, she claims that they are only asking her questions about marrying her brother because she’s Muslim.

If Ilhan is really married to her brother and lying about it, how much more is the Democrat lawmaker hiding?