Dr. Oz Calls for Dr. Fauci to Resign

Dr. Oz, in his most recent statement, slammed Dr. Fauci for losing the trust of Americans. Just one month after Dr. Oz announced he’s running for the United States Senate as a Republican, he wasted no time going after the other doctor who has been living it up in DC.

Oz stated Fauci can no longer be trusted and the people of America need a new face to represent the United States’ health needs. That wasn’t all, though.

Oz also stated Fauci must resign for misleading the American people during the early and even late stages of the pandemic.

Dr. Oz’s jabs at Fauci were surprising, considering Dr. Oz spent an entire career on television and always acted politically correct every chance he got.

Dr. Oz never called out Fauci anytime during the Trump presidency or even the first several months of the Biden presidency either; many believe he’s just calling out Fauci in order to get some extra votes.

More on Dr. Oz’s Senate Run

Last month, Dr. Mehmet Oz officially announced he was running for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat as a Republican. Dr. Oz didn’t plan on joining the US Senate race, but decided to throw his hat in the race after GOP candidate Sean Parnell stopped his campaign.

Parnell ended his campaign after allegedly abusing his wife and children. During an interview with Sean Hannity, Dr. Oz stated as a senator, he would stand side by side with small businesses to keep them open.

Dr. Oz’s also publicly stated he will defend the Constitution and support small government at all costs. However, his statements sounded as if he was just rattling off conservative talking points.

In 2018, President Trump even named Dr. Oz as one of his members of the council.

Some Conservatives Believe Oz is A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Investigative journalist Jack Posobiec recently pulled up some old tweets of Dr. Oz, which revealed he wanted the CDC to declare gun deaths in America a public health concern. Oz also advocated for the CDC to do studies of guns on the health of American people.

That is no small statement, especially when looking at how much control the government took when they said they were concerned with the people’s health.

Conservatives also pointed out Oz was very quiet when Pennsylvania quickly changed its state’s election laws to allow mail-in ballots to be counted after the general election.

More than likely, Dr. Oz’s Senate chances will all come down to whether or not Trump decides to endorse him. If Dr. Oz gets an endorsement, then he’ll likely win the seat.

However, if Trump shows his disapproval of Oz, then we all know Dr. Oz’s Senate dreams will likely vanish.