Dubai Creates Artificial Rain After Heatwave Hits the City

The government of Dubai is using geoengineering to manipulate the weather during an extreme heatwave that hit the country. Climate officials in Dubai are using drones to increase rainfall after the city was hit with extremely hot temperatures this past week.

The technological method they are using is called cloud seeding; this involves drones shooting electrical charges into the clouds which ultimately makes the clouds combine together resulting in more rainfall.

The United Arab Emirates usually only averages a couple of days of rainfall a year and sometimes the temperature can reach close to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

UAE isn’t the only country that is creating artificial rain; however, both China and the United States are heavily involved in cloud seeding projects. China currently has a plan that will be able to cover half of China with artificial snow and rain by 2025. Currently, right now, eight states in America are involved in cloud seeding to prevent droughts.

History of the United States’ Involvement of Cloud Seeding

Vincent Schaefer was a researcher for General Electric and is often credited as the first person to successfully execute a cloud seeding experiment. In 1956, he took six pounds of dry ice with him on a flight and dumped them into a cloud which immediately caused snow to fall.

After Schaefer’s experiment, the U.S. government and the military were very interested in this new discovery; they would also fund more experiments regarding cloud seeding. In 1947, both a team of General Electric engineers and members of the U.S. military attempted to modify a hurricane in a project called Cyrus.

The Cloud Seeding Attacks Used in Vietnam

As history shows us again and again, scientific discoveries always end up on the battlefield, and cloud seeding is no different. In a project called Operation Popeye, the U.S. Air Force conducted cloud seeding projects which aimed to call monsoon rains in Vietnam to disrupt trails and cause landslides to wreak havoc on the North Vietnamese military.

54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron conducted the first cloud seeding mission in 1967 and the last cloud seeding mission was in 1972. Just like other shady operations in Vietnam, the operation was allegedly signed off by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the CIA.

Why Many Are Skeptical About Geoengineering and Cloud Seeding

Operation Popeye taught us that Cloud Seeding, which once was used for good, was then used for evil. If you think about it, if you are able to control the food supply, you can control the people.

So when you have countries like China aiming to manipulate 50% of their rainfall, it could result in mass starvation; that’s because they could cause mass flooding to take out ethnic or minorities crops.

The same thing could happen here in the United States too. If they could manipulate the weather in 1956 and the 1970s, think of how much more powerful their weather modification technology is now!