Eight People Die at Demonic Music Festival In Houston

Music artist Travis Scott hosted a music festival called Astro World in Houston, Texas, which attracted over 50,000 fans in attendance. The festival, however, would turn deadly. It turns out eight people were left dead and hundreds more needed to seek medical attention.

According to CNN, the deaths occurred when thousands of Scott fans rushed to the stage where the rapper was performing. The result was hundreds of people pressing up against one another.

This led to many concertgoers being squeezed to the point they could no longer breathe. Others were left trampled to death on the ground and at one point, an ambulance was in the middle of the crowd.

Did Scott stop once the ambulance was spotted? No, he refused to stop. The promoters of the show kept the camera rolling while people were literally screaming for help and telling the rapper to stop performing.

The Demonic Symbolism at the Concert

The concert imagery itself was very demonic. It had the phrase ‘see you on the other side’ plastered all over. The concert stage was set up as it was a scene from hell and fire was the main theme throughout the concert.

To enter Astroworld, concert-goers had to enter a large replica of Travis Scott’s mouth. Witnesses from the concert said the ‘vibe’ there felt very eerie. It was as if Scott was performing human sacrifices during the concert.

Also, he kept performing regardless of people dying and the hundreds of people fainting, due to them being pressed and squeezed.

One of the youngest victims was a 10-year-old, who is now in a Houston hospital fighting for his life. To put the concert in perspective, a total of only two people died at Woodstock in 1969 and over 500,000 people attended.

Of those two deaths, one was an overdose and the other was a man who got run over by a tractor after he slept underneath it and a farmer had no idea.

One Young Man Tried to Stop Scott

One video uploaded on Twitter shows a young man trying to tell one of the videographers of the event to stop filming and call for help. The videographer refused and just kept on filming.

Thousands of concertgoers also shouted help to which Scott responded, “Who screaming for me to stop! You know what you’re here for!’

In order to attend the event, all attendees had to either be vaccinated or prove they were COVID-free within the last 24 hours. So, it appears concert organizers were so concerned about COVID their understaffed security and weak barriers weren’t a big worry.

As of right now, it’s not known if Travis Scott will face any charges, but organizers of the event will more than likely face a couple of lawsuits for sure.